This is how Our Heroes has been trapped in the Realm of Darkness in Kingdom Hearts X (Chi) Back Cover.

Laval has wake up in the Realm of Darkness

Laval: Oh... Where am I? And what is this place? Well, Whatever I am, I need to find my way out of here... Wait! Where are the others? Cragger? Eris? Worriz? Razar? Bladvic? Rogon? Gorzan? Fangar? Flinx? Where are you!?

They look around

Laval: Looks like I'm on my own now. I better go find them.

He noticed he has a Keyblade with him

Laval: Oh yeah, I have this Keyblade with me. I guess I should use this to fight. All right, here I go.

He went off to find his friends


Shu wake up

Shu: Oh... What happen? And what is this place? Hm, I better get out of here. (Gasp) Where's the others? Kluke! Jiro! Marumaro! Zola! Where are you!?

He look around

Shu: Great, they're not herr. Guess I should find them.

He noticed he has a Digivice and a Sword

Shu: I can use this sword and this device with me.

He went off to find them.


Happy has awakened

Happy: Ow. Where am I? And what is this place? I don't like it here, I need to find a way out. (Gasp) Wait, Where's Natsu and the others? Natsu! Lucy! Gray! Erza! Gajeel! Levy! Juvia! Lily! Carla! Mavis!

He look around

Happy: Oh no! I'm all alone now! I don't like to be alone.... Well, I guess I should find them on my own now.

He noticed he has sword with him

Happy: Good thing, I have a sword with me. That will keep me alive from something scary. Alright, here I go.

He went off to find his friend and then he has been surrounded by Shadows

Happy: (Scream) Leave me alone!

Then Shu saw Happy

Shu: Oh no!

He summons his Blue Dragon and help Happy

Shu: You need some help?

Happy: Yes! And what is that creature doing to your Shadows?

Shu: Look there's no time to explain, we have to defeat them, no matter what!

Happy: Look out!

The Shadow is gonna hit him, but Laval save them

Laval: Thank goodness, I made it here in them. Are you two alright?

Shu: Yeah, and what are you?

Happy: Are you an Exceed?

Laval: No, I'm not. I'm a Lion.

Happy: Whoa! A Lion! Cool!

Shu: So what are you doing?

Laval: Helping you, of course. That's what Heroes do.

Shu: Oh yeah.

Laval: Anyway. We have to fight them!

Shu: You're right, let's do it!

Happy: Um... Okay!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Shu: Phew. That's all of them.

Happy: We make a great team.

Laval: We did. Oh, yeah. we didn't introduce to each other. I'm Laval, I'm from Chima.

Shu: I'm Shu from Talta Village.

Happy: And I'm Happy, I'm from Fairy Tail.

Laval: It's great to see you all. So happen to your worlds?

Shu: I don't know.

Happy: Me too.

Laval: So am I. I don't know what happen.

Happy saw a Keyblade that Laval is holding

Happy: Hey, what's that Weapon your holding?

Laval: This? It's called a Keyblade, My friend told me all about it.

Shu: A Keyblade? I never heard one before.

Laval: So What about you guys? What power do you have?

Happy: I have a magic that makes me Fly.

Shu: And I'm a Shadow Wielder that can summon Shadow, like this.

He summon his Blue Dragon

Both: Whoa!

Laval: I never seen one before. So what are you doing here?

Shu: To search for my friends.

Happy: Really? Me too.

Laval: So am I.

Shu: What happen to them?

Laval: I don't know, I don't what happened to them after I wake up. Maybe we got Separated from somewhere.

Shu: So what do we do now?

Laval: We have to go look for them together.

Happy: You're right. Let's do it!

Shu: Okay.

Then the Ground has shaking and they saw it collapsing

Laval: Run!

They ran into different paths

Shu: Oh great! We separated!

Happy: What do we do now?

Laval: Happy, can you fly across?

Happy: I can't! My Wing form has a Time Limit.

Laval: Shu?

Shu: I don't think my shadow can reach it so far. You?

Laval: I don't have anything to get across.

Shu: Great, what do we do?

Laval: Well... We should go on our own.

Happy: What? What do you mean?

Laval: It's mean we have to find our friends on our own!

Happy: What! On my own!? I can't do that!

Shu: Why not?

Happy: Because I'm too scared to go on my own!

Laval: You have to be brave, Happy!

Happy: I can't! I'm too scared!

Shu: Look Happy, I know you are scared, but you have to do this for your friends.

Happy: I know, but-

Laval: But you have to be strong, you're friends are counting you. They need your help!

Shu: You have to be strong to find them, and beside a strength of heart will make you brave, no matter what.

Laval: He's right! Everyone is counting on you to be brave, happy! Do it for your friends.

Happy: Well... Okay! I'll have to be strong to Find them!

Laval: Good! And remember what Shu said, Strength of Heart will be make you brave.

Happy: Okay!

Laval: And if we ran to each other! We'll always have to stick together as a team! No matter, where we are. We always have to find each other. And I promise I'll find you!

Shu: Me too!

Happy: I am!

Laval: Good! Good luck and be careful!

Both: We will!

They went off to find their friends

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