They arrived in Chima

Ryan: Wow.

Thomas: What is this place?

Crash: We are in Chima!

They went off to see Laval, Eris and Cragger and they found them

Laval: Huh? You're not from Chima, are you?

Ryan: Hey, Laval. You remember me, It's Ryan?

Laval: Ryan? I don't reconise you. But, that name has a same ring.

Ryan: Oh. Yeah.

He remembers what Optimus said

Optimus: In All Dimensions, real time does not flow. Unless one restores the dimensions will make things better. But, you may encounter familiar faces... But they are just people from their dimensions. In actuality, they are in danger. What's more, whilst someone may no longer dwell in all the People Dimensions, world may paint a fuller picture, and restore what seems to be missing.

End of Flashback

Ryan: So the real Laval isn't the one I know, so maybe... It's like this dimension is belongs to the people that they were belong.

Laval: What's that? We can't hear you.

Ryan: Oh, Nothing... It's great to meet you, Laval, Cragger and Eris.

Laval: Yeah, and what's your name?

Ryan: My name is Ryan and these are my friends.

Laval: Nice to meet you, Ryan and friends.

Meg: So what are you doing?

Eris: We were trying to stop those monster for taking over Chima. So we head out to stop them and Find Ryan. And that's why we know you.

Crash: You know us? How?

Flashback has started

Worriz: So,

Laval: Well.


Eris: Gorzan. You know those stories are a myth like Kinkow.

Gorzan: Those stories are true. Even the boy in the black clothes told us they trying to get Thomas and Ryan.

Cragger: Huh? Who are they? Are they villains or allies to us?

Bladvic: Well, the boy said that he and his friends are going to help us.

Rogon: We can help him.

Laval: Sure.

End of Flashback

Sci-Ryan: Ryalight again.


Ryan: Sure.

They went off and then Thunderwing appeared with the Golden Chi

Ryan: Oh my!

Evil Ryan: Thunderwing!

Crash: What are you doing here?

Thunderwing: Just having something for the road and I believe i have someone you know, Lion.

He bring out Lagravis

Lagravis: Son!

Laval: Dad! Let him go!

Thunderwing: Nope, he's out of here.

He toss the Golden Chi Orb and Lagravis to the Portal

Adagio Dazzle: You will pay for this.

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