This is where Brian and Chris get into the command ship, rescue Barret Barricade and duel with the Nightmares in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[Brian jumps out of his Starfighter, ignites his Lightsaber and starts killing several droids, as Chris leaps out of his starfighter and ignites his Lightsaber as BB-8 hops out too]

Droid: There they are! Get them!

[all droids fire, but Chris deflects their shots and kills them as Brian joins his die]

Brian: BB-8, locate Barret!

BB-8: [hooks into a computer port]

[Brian and Chris soon kill all of the droids as BB-8 pulls up a holographic map of the ship]

Brian: Barret's signal is coming from the observation platform at the top of that spire.

Chris: I sense Nightmare Moon and King Sombra.

Brian: I sense a trap.

Chris: So, what's our next move?

Brian: Spring the trap.

BB-8: [beeps and whistles]

Chris: BB-8, stay put, we need you to stay with the ship.

Brian: Yes. (takes out a com link) And keep this on you and wait for orders.

BB-8: [catches the com link and beeps]

[Then some slide doors open and comes out TD-1000]

TD-1000: What's the matter, captain?

Ship Captain: 2 Jedi have landed in the main hangar bay. We're tracking them.

TD-1000: Just as Nightmare Moon and Sombra. Predicated. (chuckles evilly as he sits down)

[Brian and Chris soon come to an elevator, but then Chris looks back]

Chris: Driodekais coming!

[3 Droidekais roll in and open fire at Brian and Chris as they deflect their shots and hop into the elevator]

Droid: Drop your weapons. I said, "drop your weapons!'

[Brian and Chris look back and see several droids are in the elevator with them as they then kill them all]

[back in the hanger 2 Super Battle droids come in]

Super Battle Droid: Those are Jedi Fighters alright.

BB-8: [hides behind some crates as he watches them]

[Back with the others elevator stopped]

Brian: Huh? Did you press the "Stop" button?

Chris: No. Did you?

Brian: No, I didn't press it.

Chris: Well, there's always plan B. [ignites his saber and cuts a hole in the roof]

Brian: Chris, we don't wanna get out of the elevator, we wanna get moving! [into com link] BB-8, activate elevator 3174.

[but BB-8 is hiding farther behind the crates as the super droids search the starfighters.]

Brian: [on com link] BB-8? Do you read me?

Super Battle Droid: What's that?

Brian: [on com link] BB-8, do you copy? Do you read me? Activate elevator 3174.

[but BB-8 puts the com-link into his flash drive compartment]

Super Battle Droid: Never mind it, get back to work!

Brian (on com link muffled) BB-8, activate elevator 3174.

[back in the elevator Chris finishes cutting a hole and then jumps out]

Brian: [sighs] Always on the move.

[BB-8 then races over to a computer port as he takes out the com link]

Brian: BB-8, can you hear me? Activate Elevator 3174.

BB-8: [connects himself into the computer port and starts the elevator]

Brian: [falls to the floor as the elevator jolts] Whoa!

[then the elevator speeds downward, as Chris leaps up and grabs the ledge of the next floor]

Brian: [into com link] No! No! We need to go up not down!

[then the door above Chris opens and 2 droids gunpoint him]

Droid: Hands up, Jedi.

Chris: Kinda hard to do when I'm hanging on the ledge!

Brian: [on com link] BB-8 do you copy?

[the Super battle droids then hear Brian's voice from the com link]

Brian: [on com link] BB-8, did you get that. We need to go up, not down.

BB-8: [stops the elevator]

Brian: [falls to the floor after the elevator stops quickly] Whoa!

[Chris then looks down]

BB-8: [looks back and notices the super battle droid heading for him]

Super Battle Droid #2: Hey, you!

BB-8: [beeps in distress as he then gets the elevator going upward]

Brian: Now, that's better.

[The Super Battle Droid picks him up]

Super Battle Droid: This hanger is on lock down.

[the elevator is now speeding towards the floor where Chris is hanging from]

Droid #2: Uh oh.

[Chris quickly jumps clear as the elevator speeds in and kills the droids as Chris jumps back into it, which Brian ignites his saber, thinking it's another droid.]

Brian: Oh, it's you, Chris. [extinguishes his saber]

[back in the hangar, BB-8 squirts oil on the Super battle droids]

Chris: What the heck was that all about?

Brian: Well, BB-8 was being..

Chris: He was probably acting out towards you.

Brian: Did I say anything?

Chris: He's trying you know!

Brian: I didn't say anything!

[the Super Battle Droids then slip on the oil as BB-8 then lights the oil on fire burns up the droids, in which they explode]

[the elevator soon reaches the top floor, where Brian and Chris walk out and then come into a big room where they see Barret Barricade inside a force field cell]

Brian: Barret Barricade.

Chris: Are you okay?

Barret Barricade: Yeah, I'm just fine. But we've got company.

[they look back and see Nightmare Moon and King Sombra walking in with 2 Super Battle Droids]

Brian: This time, we'll duel them together.

Chris: I was just about to say the same thing.

[The 2 jump flip in front of them]

Barret Barricade: Are you sure you can take them? They're dark Sith Lords.

Brian: Barret, Dark Sith Lords are specialty

King Sombra: Your swords, please.

Nightmare Moon: We don't wanna make a mess of things in front of the Prince.

Brian: Don't even bother. You're not escaping again this time. [ignites his saber]

["Weavile Party Meeting" starts playing]

Chris: [ignites his own]

Nightmare Moon: [force draws her sabers and ignites them]

King Sombra: [ignites his Darksaber]

[all four clash sabers]

Nightmare Moon: We've been looking forward to this for a while.

Chris: I must warn you, my powers doubled since the last time we dueled.

King Sombra: Nice, twice the pride, double the fall.

[the 4 clash sabers again as Barret observes, then Nightmare Moon Force pushes Brian down, as Chris continues clashing sabers with the 2 as they walk up the stairway, then Brian heads up the other and kills the 2 Super Battle droids, and all four come into a blade lock, but then Chris is kicked down as King Sombra Force lifts Brian by the throat, and then throws him across the room and into the platform, knocking him unconscious]

Nightmare Moon: [Force collapses the platform on top of Brian]

Chris: [kicks the 2 down from the walkway and leaps down and clashes sabers with as they come into another blade lock]

Nightmare Moon: I sense great fear in you, young Chris.

King Sombra: You have hate, you have anger. But you don't use them.

[Chris then gives into his anger and furiously clashes sabers with the 2 and then he starts gaining an upper hand as he grabs Nightmare Moon's arms and then cuts off her hooves]

Nightmare Moon: [gasps in shock]

[then Chris kicks Sombra in the chin as he cuts off his hooves next and then catches Sombra's Darksaber and decapitates the 2, (using his green saber to decapitate Nightmare Moon, while he uses the Darksaber to decapitate Sombra) as he extinguishes both sabers]

Barret Barricade: Chris...

Chris: [recomposes himself and looks at what he just did in shock and remorse] I can't believe I just did that. [he then walks over to the cell and then uses the Darksaber to destroy the controls and Barret is freed] I killed 2 unarmed prisoners. I shouldn't of done that.

Barret Barricade: Even so, what's done is done. And we can;t change it, now grab Brian and let's get going.

Chris: Right.

Chris then grabs Brian and the 2 rush out]

[in the cockpit]

TD-1000: Prepare for attack!

[the Republic ships then draw fire at the command ship]

Captain: All turrets return enemies' fire!

[the droids' turret do so as several of the Republic ship's turrets are destroyed as some of the clones do the whelm scream. At the same time, Chris and Barret reach the elevator but when he presses the button, nothing happens]

Chris: That elevator's not working. (into com link) BB-8, activate elevator 3224.

BB-8; [beeps in response as he goes to hook himself into the computer port]

[but then the command ship takes heavy hit and then the ship starts falling sideways, as everything in the hangar starts sliding down and BB-8 ends rolling with it, as Chris and Barret [hang onto the elevator door]

Captain: Reverse stabilizers!

Droid pilot: Reversing stabilizers!

[but the ship continues to tilt as BB-8 is sent flying down the hangar floor as Chris and Barret then climb into the elevator shaft and run down the shaft]

BB-8: WHOA!!!

[the entire ship is now tiled at a downward angle and starts falling ]

Captain: Magnetize! Magnetize!

[the droid pilots fight for control as the ship continues falling]

BB-8: WHOA!!!!! [he then lands into a pile of broken up droids as the starfighters then come crashing into the wall]

TD-1000: Fire the emergency booster engines!

[the emergency booster engines roar into life as the ship start leveling out]

Droid pilot: We're leveling out, sir!

Chris: Uh oh! Not good! Not Good!

[soon the 2 are now sliding down the elevator shaft as Chris quickly grabs a cable as Barret grabs his legs]

Brian: [wakes up] Huh? What's going on? [looks down and seers they're dangling in the elevator shaft] WHOA!!! [hangs onto Chris]

Chris: Easy there Brian! I have a lot on my body! And we're in a bit of a situation here!

Brian: Did I miss something?

Chris: Just hang on!

[then there's the sound of scraping metal]

Brian: What is that?

Chris: Uh... [looks up] Oh no

[the elevator is speeding towards them]

Chris: [into com link] BB-8, shut the elevator! Quick!

Brian: No time for that! Let go!

[he lets go and the 3 fall down the elevator shaft , as Brian and Chris quick pull out grappling hooks and then they throw them up and they hook onto an I-beam and the 3 swing through a doorway just as the elevator thunders past]

Brian: Let's try and find something in the hangar that's still flyable and get out of here!

Chris: [into Com link] BB-8, get down here.

[we then come into the hangar where we see BB-8 buried in a pile of broken droids]

Battle droid: Sir, we found the Jedi. They're heading to the hanger.

TD-1000: Activate the ray shields!

[then the ray shields appear around the 3]

Chris: Ray shields!

Brian: Wait, how could this happen? We're smarter than this!

Chris: Apparently not. I say, "patience".

Brian: Patience?

Chris: Yes, BB-8 will be here at any second now and he can get us out.

[then as if on cue, the doors opens and BB-8 comes speeding in as he bumps into the wall]

Chris: See? No Problem.

[but then several droids appear]

Brian: Do you have a plan B?

Chris: No, I have a plan C.

Brian: And that is?

Chris: Surrendering.

Brian: [groans and leans his head down]