This is where Twilight introduces Nyx to her friends, and when Nyx first heads to school in The Beginning of the Chronicles

Narrator: Soon Twilight took Nyx all over town, and introduced her to her friends, as her "Half-Cousin".

Twilight: Yep, she's my half-cousin.

Edward: Interesting, I don't recall you having a half cousin before, but I guess it comes with being old.

Nyx: Well, it's uh... Wait, how old are you?

Edward: I was one of the first engines on this railway. And I was brown when I first came.

Nyx: Whoa!

Edward: But if you want an engine who's older than me, then talk to Stephen, he's the first engine that was every created!

Nyx: Okay, I will!

Twilight: Come on.

[they then head for Ulfstead castle]

Stephen: Hello, Twilight. Who's the foal?

Twilight: This is my half-cousin, Nyx.

Nyx: Uh, hi.

Stephen: Hello, there. Nice to meet you.

Nyx: Nice to meet you too. Are you really the first engine ever made?

Stephen: Sure am!

Nyx: Cool!

Narrator: Then the next day, Twilight brought Nyx to the Ponyville school.

Nyx: I'm not sure about this.

Twilight: Don't worry, Nyx. You'll love shcool!

Nyx: Okay, Twilight.

Twilight: Now, what are the most important rules again?

Nyx: Do not take off my glasses or vest for any reason.

Twilight: Good. Now have a nice day, I'll be here later to pick you up.

Nyx: See you later!

[Inside the schoolhouse, Cherilee is teaching]

Cheerilee: Alright, class. We have a new student joining us today, "Nyx".

Nyx: Hello, everyone.

[It was silent]

Cheerilee: Take a seat.

Nyx: Okay.

[However, the fillies and colts put their hooves on empty seats]

[all execpt one, which happened to be next to Diamond Tiara]

Nyx: Hey there.

Diamond Tiara: [snobby] Humph! [turns her face away from Nyx and sticks her nose up]

Nyx: [in her mind] School isn't gonna be so fun.

Narattor: A little while later, Nyx was enjoying herself and was enjoying school.

Nyx: [writing notes as much as she can]

Cheerilee: Alirght, does anypony have any questions?

Nyx: [raises her hoof]

Cheerile: Yes, Nyx?

Nyx: How fast was the first steam engines when they were built?

Cheerilee: That is a very good question, Nyx. Most trains' fastest speed was 20-30mph.

Nyx: So how did they make the trains go faster then 30mph?

Cheerilee: Well, if you don’t mind getting to recess a little later than usual, I can tell you.

Narrattor: So Cheerliee explained about the process of how trains went faster than 30mph. Then 10 minutes the fillies and colts went out to recess.

Apple Bloom: Finally! I was worried we wouldn’t get recess ‘cause of that question the new filly asked.

Button Mash: But it was interesting to hear how trains later become faster than before.

Sweetie Belle: Yeah, she's nice.

Narrator: But then Diamond Tiara walked up to Nyx.

Diamond Tiara: Hey, new kid!

Nyx: Yes?

Diamond Tiara: Your a nerd about trains.

Nyx: I'm not a nerd!

Diamond Taira: Yeah you are!

Silver Spoon: If you weren't, then why would you be asking some many questions and wearing those ugly glasses? [laughs]

Diamond Taira: Yeah! And a black coat? Please! Black is so lame!

Nyx: bu.. bu. [her eyes start tearing]

Diamond Tiara: Awww, look, she’s crying. I didn’t realize they let little foals come to school, or maybe that’s your lame special talent: crying.

Silver Spoon: What special talent? She doesn’t even have a cutie mark.

Nyx: [starts weeping]

Diamond Tiara: Like, oh my gosh! I didn't notice that! Not only are you a nerd, and loser, but you are a blank flank!

Silver Spoon: Blank flank forever!

[The 2 laugh and other fillies and colts join them]

Nyx: [starts crying]

[then Diamond Tiara is shoved forward and lands face first in a mud puddle]

Snowdrop: Back off!

Silver Spoon: Oh, it's the blind one. What do you want?

Snowdrop: Leave her alone, Silver Spoon! And you're partly blind too, you nitwit!

Silver Spoon: Hey, at least I have someway to see! Unlike you!

Snowdrop With cheap a pair of glasses? I wouldn't wear those in a week!

Silver Spoon: Knock it off!

Snowdrop: Okay.

[then Snowdrop flicks off her gllasses]

Silver Spoon: My glaseses!

[she goes to search for them, leaving Snowdrop with Nyx]

Snowdrop: You okay?

Nyx: Go on and laugh!

Snowdrop: Laugh? Why would I laugh?

Nyx: You aren't?

Snowdrop: No. I'd never. I'm not like those 2.

Nyx: Why are they so mean?

Snowdrop: They're always like that. I'm Snowdrop, [holds out her hoof]

Nyx: My name's Nyx. [shakes it]

Snowdrop: You wanna play?

Nyx: With me?

Snowdrop: Sure, you're not busy are you?

Nyx: No, I didn't have any plans.

Snowdrop: Come on.

[the 2 then leave the schoolhouse]

Nyx: You have friends to?

Snowdrop: Yeah. I'll show you them.

[she introduces them to the Crusaders]

Snowdrop: This is Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Button Mash.

Nyx: Hello.

Apple Bloom: Nice ta' meet ya'.

Scootaloo: Hiya.

Sweetie Belle: Hi.

Button Mash: Afternoon.

Nyx: I thought you had more friends, Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: They aren't here. But we can introduce them after school.

Narrator: Later after school was over, Snowdrop, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Button took Nyx to Littlest Pet Shop. And introduce her to the others.

Nyx: Nice to meet you all.

Zoe Trent: You too, darling.

Joy: It's nice to have another foal in the gang.

Tyrone: It certainly is.

Nyx: Snowdrop also said you're friends with the little engines in the hills.

Vanellope: That is correct. Maybe when we have the time we can take you to the hills to introdcue you to them.

Nyx: I'd love to meet them.

Narrator: Later, Twilight came to pick up Nyx from school.

Twilight: Nyx!

Nyx: Twilight.

Twilight: How did it go?

Nyx: It was great! And I made some new friends!

Twilight: Great!

Snowdrop: I like her.

???: Snowdrop!

Sweetie Belle: Who's that?

Snowdrop: My mom. I'm coming Mother!

[Snowdrop races off]

Primrose: With your friends again?

Snowdrop: Yeah, and I've made a new one!

Primrose: What's her name?

Snowdrop: Nyx. She's Twilight Sparkle's half-cousin.

Primrose: Aw, that's sweet.

Nyx: I'm also a Cutie Mark Crusader now.

Twilight: Great.

Cheerilee: Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight: Yes?

Cheerilee: I have a note to give you. [she hands Twilight a note.] Nyx needs to catching up to do with her subjects at school.

Twilight: Sure, I'll make sure she's caught up in no time.

Cheerilee: See you tomorrow, Nyx.

Nyx: Bye, Miss Cheerilee!

[Twilight and Nyx then head back for the library]

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