This is how the introduction goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(The film begins by showing the Disney and Marvel logos)

(The opening music from Transformers begins playing)

Major Malfunction(as we see what the team has done): You five are extraordinary. Different in your own way, you have talents no one else does.

(We see Nighlock fighting Weapon X)

Major Malfunction: One took on and defeated an entire army.

(We see Taser charging a power plant core)

Major Malfunction: One recharged a power plant when it was on the verge of explosion.

(We see Red Smoke and Punisher fighting the Yakuza)

Major Malfunction: One who aided a vigilante at a time of need.

(We see Air Strike saving a schoolbus)

Major Malfunction: One saved the lives of children, even when he knew they wouldn't trust him.

(We see Light Ultron fighting and defeating Dark Ultron and Disintegrator Man)

Major Malfunction: And one who saved the world from extinction, despite his past. You accomplished great feats. Eyes focused. Weapons ready. Muscles locked.

(As he continues, we see their melee weapons chopping things.)

Major Malfunction: There is a new enemy out there. Ones who call themselves the Hellfire Club. Named so, because they are descended from the ancient organization itself. Led by Sebastian Shaw. He will come at you with everything he has, and mass cruelty.

(We see the team fighting in a battle royal)

Major Malfunction: But you are not ready yet to take on such an enemy. Your training is not yet complete. But there will be a time when they strike, and the world looks to you as their only hope.

(We see the team looking in the distance from the top of Major Mansion)

Major Malfunction: I know one day you will make a difference in this world.

(We then see Nighlock's double bladed sword in metal form followed by Indominus' shuriken. The title then says "Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton)

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