This is how the Introduction and Ryan finds a Matoran goes in Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of Bionicle 1: Mask of Light.

[The LEGO logo, BBC, Ryantransformer Studios and other logos presents]

Ryan F-Freeman:[Narrating] Gathered friends. Listen again to our legend of the Bionicle. A long time ago, the Great Spirit descended from the heavens carrying the ones called the Matoran to this paradise. They were different so the Great Spirit illuminated them with the three virtues: Unity, Duty and Destiney. They embraced these gifts and in gratitude they named their island home Mata Nui, after Mata Nui himself. But, sorry, folks. This apparently can not last.

[a black rock lands on the ground and casts a spell on the other rock]

Ryan F-Freeman:[Narrating] As Mata Nui's brother Makuta became envious, he cast a spell on Mata Nui who fell into a deep slumber. And he unleased his shadows to the island and his minions. But, legend said that there will be a coming of a 7th Toa that can bring light to the shadows and awaken Mata Nui from Makuta.

[The title of Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of Bionicle appears with three words pop up: Mask of Light. At the Autobot base]

Thomas: Hi, Ryan. You and your three siren friends are going to be putting on a show like never before.

Ryan F-Freeman: You bet, Thomas.

[Thomas nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: The Cyberlings did put their past behind them.

Evil Ryan: Indeed we did, Ryan.[coughs] What song you and your siren friends are going to sing?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think the song will be Let the Rainbow Remind You.

Bertram T. Monkey: Ok, Ryan.

[Ryan's and the Dazzlings' pendants glow blue]

Evil Anna: Let's listen, Sci-Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, Evil Anna. He can hear us.

Sci-Ryan: Ok, Ryan. Get your pendant glowing.

Ryan F-Freeman: It is glowing, Sci-Ryan.

[The song Let the Rainbow Remind You starts playing]

Ryan F-Freeman: Each one of us has something special~

That makes us different, but it makes us rare~

Sonata Dusk: It combines friendships together~

Aria Blaze:

Ryan F-Freeman and Adagio Dazzle:

Ryan and the Dazzlings:

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