Here is how far Princess Yuna goes and the battle is so far in Yuna and the Return of the Princess.

The Ships are sailing up the river. You can see the mercenaries on them. The Skylanders await the ships on the shore.

Spyro: You may go no further.

The ships boson stands up in response.

Tree Rex: You will not enter Syracuse.

Spyro: We suggest you turn back.

Boson: Who are you to deny us passage?

Tree Rex: Snap Shot, fire a warning shot past the boson’s ear.

Kaos (clone): Mind your aim.

Snap Shot fits an arrow to his bow and takes aim. Just as he releases the arrow Kaos deliberately knocks the bottom of the bow sending Snap Shot's aim off. The arrow kills a mercenary standing next to the boson. Snap Shot glares at Kaos, Spyro looks across at Snap Shot.

Kaos (clone): Oh! (He puts his hand to his mouth) That’s it, right, we warned you! Prepare to be boarded!

The mercenaries laugh.

Boson: Boarded, by you and whose army?

Golden Queen: This army.

Spyro: Anthro Tribe! Charge.

The Anthro Chieftain and his army emerge through the Skylanders and attack the ships.

Meanwhile, Sméagol, Yuna and her friends are climbing up the stairs. They arrive at a cave entrance. Sméagol points.

Sméagol: In there.

Princess Yuna: There's no turning back now.

Princess Skyla: Lead the way, Sméagol.

The foals and Sméagol walk further into the tunnel. It is pitch black.

Princess Yuna: Smeagol? Skyla? Anypony?

Yuna got lost, Couldn't find anyone anywhere. She kept searching, Suddenly, She saw Giant Spiders.

Giant Spider: (screech)

Princess Yuna: Giant Spiders! Skyla! Smeagol!

Giant Spider: (started making webs)

Princess Yuna: (caught in the web) Help! Help!

Yuna is surrounded by spiders but then the glow from the rest of her friends. Their light scares the spiders away.

Princess Skyla: (brings down the web)

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Guys.

Snowdrop: We're glad to help, Sis.

Nyx: Aslan's counting on us. Let's get going.

The foals reunited with Sméagol as they continued on.

The righteous armies are stopped beside a lake. Sharon flew and gallops up.

Princess Sharon: Hiccup! Syracuse is in danger!

Hiccup: Lead the way, Sharon!

Eret: What have we got to loose?

Princess Sharon: To battle.

Hiccup: To battle.

Meanwhile at Syracuse, it is dark. Catapults fire balls of flame over the walls. The trolls all pull on a rope each which suspends Grond on its scaffolding. They pull the battering ram back as the Orcs continue to chant. It is released and crashes hard into the gate which shudders with the impact.

Star Swirl the Bearded: Back to the gate! Hurry!

Archers and Star Swirl rush to defend the gate. Grond is released a second time. The gate shudders.

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