This is hoiw the invasion of Berk and Canterlot goes in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar.

[we then see the sun rising as the Orc army moves in and attack both lands]

Hiccup: There's too many!

Astrid: Looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way! [draws her Lightsaber Ax]

Rainbow: I'm noramlly the one who says that, but let's get em'! [cocks her M4 and starts firing]

Scootaloo: [hops on Scooter Flame and then starts firing her own M4]

[But there are too many Orcs]

[our heroes try to fight them all but try as they might, they are greatly outnumbered]

[then Jafar appears in front of them]

Jafar: Now for the real treat! [he then takes his Snakestaff and then puts in front of Jasmine]

Jasmine: What do you want?

Jafar: You took my kingdom from me, now I'm gonna take something from you! [his Snakestaff begins to glow and then Jasmine goes under a transformation]

[Then it shows that Jasmine is wearing a black dress with a ponytail and has 2 red lightsabers]

Nyx: Jasmine! What did you do to her?!

Jafar: She belongs to me now, she's a Sith Assasin now.

Nyx: No! Jasmine! Jasmine! It's me, Nyx!

Jasmine: I don't know you! [force pushes Nyx asside]

Jafar: Now, go hunt down Brian Griffin!

Jasmine: As you wish, my Lord.

[she then takes off]

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