Here his how investigating the kitchen and Danny goes ghost in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Danny Phantom.

Matau T. Monkey: Okay, follow me in quietly, guys.

Nighlock:[gets out his pistols and attaches some silencers to them]

Punisher:[gets out his shotgun]

Ape Man:[grabs a table and rips off a seat and holds it in his hands ready to use it is a mace]

[they then quietly go into the kitchen]

[They see the Lunch Lady Ghost]

Ape Man:(roars to get her attention and beats his chest, ready to fight her)

Thomas: (stops him before he charges) Not yet.

Lunch Lady Ghost: Hello, young-uns. Do you know who changed the menu?

Ape Man:(looks at Tucker and sees he is about to rat Sam out and covers his mouth to keep him from saying anything)

Nighlock: We know nothing at all, ma'am.

(Tucker gets Ape Man's hand off his mouth and points at Sam)

Matau T. Monkey: Uh, that was just an act of accusation.

Ape Man:(grabs Tucker by the neck and shakes him violently for ratting out Sam)

[Matau summons his Wayward Wind Keyblade and tries to pull him away from Tucker]

Nighlock: Enough!

Ape Man:(lets go of Tucker and points accusingly at him) Dumb glasses boy put humorful goth in danger!

(This annoys Drift)

Matau T. Monkey: Oh great. You can talk.