This is how Investigating the signal goes in Darkness Rising Part 2.

[Megatron holds the Dark Energon]

Megatron: Let us see if the power born of darkness can reignite the spark.

[He jabs the shard into Cliffjumper's spark chamber and it liquidizes into him. Cliffjumper's eyes glow purple and parts on his body now covered by his armor also glow the same colors. Cliffjumper rises from the cart as a Terrorcon]

[Two Decepticon Miners fire their guns at the Terrorcon and it runs to them and starts tearing one apart]

Decepticon Miner: Stop. Stop!

[The Terrorcon attacks the other miner while Megatron and Starscream watch]

Starscream: That's your plan?! Bring Autobots back from the dead to attack us?!

Megatron: That is no longer an Autobot. Just a mindless beast, its only instinct to destroy anything in it's path.

[The Terrorcon charges at Megatron and Megatron slices it in half. It falls into the mines below]

Megatron: There, Starscream, lies the indestructible seed of my army. The ultimate weapon.

[The top half of the Terrorcon Cliffjumper climbs back up and grabs Megatron's leg, but Megatron shakes it off and it falls]

Megatron: Once I learn to control it.

[Starscream smirks]

[At the Autobot Base, Ratchet sees a blinking red dot]

Ratchet: Blasted Equestrian tech! Cliffjumper's signal popped back online.

Rainbow Dash: Who's Cliffjumper?

Optimus Prime: How is that possible?

Ratchet: It isn't. Another bug! The system is chock-full of them.

Arcee: If there's any chance Cliff's alive, we need to bring him back.

Optimus Prime: Ratchet, prepare sickbay. We may need it.

Twilight Sparkle: Wait a minute. What about us?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah.

Pinkie Pie: We've got no job.

Rarity: I'm not just going to sit around doing nothing.

Applejack: Neither am I.

Optimus Prime: Then you will come with us.

Fluttershy: What can I do?

Optimus Prime: Remain with Ratchet. Autobots, roll out!

[They transform, roll into the Groundbridge and the ponies follow]

Fluttershy: What just happened?

Ratchet: I transported them to the designated coordinates via the Groundbridge.

Fluttershy: What's a 'ground bridge'?

Ratchet: A scaled down version of Space Bridge technology.

Fluttershy: Whoa.

Ratchet: You bet.

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