Ira Gamagōri is one of the main characters in Kill la Kill. One of the student council's Elite Four. He is Satsuki Kiryūin's loyal, massive enforcer who leads the disciplinary committee at Honnōji Academy, and, being a member of the Elite Four, has a Three-Star Goku Uniform, and refers to himself under the title of Satsuki's "Impenetrable Shield".


While all of the Elite Four have sworn undying loyalty to Satsuki, Gamagōri is the most outwardly loyal of the Elite Four by a huge margin. Gamagōri is always serious, bearing no tolerance for foolishness or rule-breaking, and often shouts at the top of his lungs whenever opposed in any way. He typically berates his much more casual colleagues and keeps the students in line for Satsuki, and is considered to be her right-hand man. As befits the head of the Disciplinary Committee, Gamagōri seems to hold adherence to the law, his ideas of ethical behavior, the hierarchy of the academy and Satsuki above all else.

Gamagōri intimidates those under his authority, and is not below killing lawbreakers and displaying their corpses as examples, which according to Mako Mankanshoku, is not an uncommon occurrence. However, being the Disciplinary Committee chair, he will never hurt an innocent student and will always aid a student in need, as demonstrated when he offered Ryūko Matoi and Mako a ride in his car after their scooter ran out of fuel.

He is a blatant masochist, thoroughly enjoying the pain inflicted upon him during battles (at least while in his Shackle Regalia), all while exclaiming stereotypical masochist statements like "Punish me more," or "I've been a bad boy!". He also has no qualms about being next to naked, as shown when he was stripped of his Goku Uniform by Ryūko and forwent dressing himself ever since, save for underpants.

Gamagōri is also very honor-bound and has a strong resolve, vowing to never kneel to Satsuki a few years prior to joining Honnōji when she had annexed his school and was willing to fight her in order to drive her out. Also, after his defeat at the hands of Ryūko, he took out a knife and attempted Seppuku. However, Satsuki stopped him, telling him to "wipe away his own tears".


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