Here is how Iron Man recruits Nighlock, Red Smoke, and Deadpool goes in War of the Apocalypse.

(we see the Stark Helicopter land on a helipad of Major Amnsion more commonly known as Malfunction's school for the Gifted)

Tony Stark:(gets out and rings the bell)

Sauron: Hello?

Tony Stark: Ah, yes, is Mr. Tavary here right now?

Sauron: He's just managed to escape the Vidego Game Room. I'll go get him. Make yourself comfortable.

(they go inside)

Nighlock:(appears behind him) Well well well. If it isn't Tony Stank.

Tony Stark: Who told you about that?

Nighlock: Rhodes to me to call you that.

Tony Stark: Of course he did.

Nighlock: So what do you want?

Tony Stark: Ever since T'challa left, I need someone to replace him.

Nighlock: You kept Wanda locked in the compound. If truly wanted to prevent another incident, you should have enrolled her. I will join you, on the condition that my partner and Wade join as well.

Tony Stark: Sure. So start packing.

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