G1 Ironhide
is described as being Prime's oldest friend and the weapons specialist of the team. He is a tough soldier who has sustained many injuries. His right eye has a large scar surrounding it. Before arriving on Earth, he sustained a broken ankle. According to the tech specifications of his toy, he was built during the Battle of Tyger Pax and is one of the oldest Autobots. His weapons include an energy rocket launcher on his left arm, a plasma rocket launcher on his right arm. In Dark of the Moon he has two new cannons invented by Que/Wheeljack. Despite his advanced age and extra bulk, Ironhide revealed himself to be an extremely agile and formidable opponent - He managed to helix twist over a screaming woman in the street at high speed while firing both wrist mounted weapons, and was seen engaging and withstanding assaults from Brawl, Starscream, Blackout, Bonecrusher and Crowbar. He is amongst the most powerful Autobots, exceeded only by Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime and Jetfire.

He is also great friends with Gordon and Rainbow Dash.

Relation with Rainbow Dash