Here is how It's 3 in the Morning goes in A Red Ranger from another Time.

Spike: [sighs] I made it for you, Rarity. Why, yes, it is an ice cream house. Chocolate fudge shingles... rocky road garage...

[foot-steps echoing]

Spike: Huh?

Sunset Shimmer: (Yawning) What's going on?

(They went to Twilight's room)

Spike & Sunset Shimmer: Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, hi, Spike, hi, Sunset!

Sunset Shimmer: Twilight, It's the middle of the night, Why are you pacing like this?

Twilight Sparkle: Frankly, I don't know how you can sleep at a time like this!

Spike: Three A.M.?

Twilight Sparkle: It's awful, it's horrible, it's tragic!

Spike: Eh... I don't understand. What's wrong?

Twilight Sparkle: Here. Now do you see what's wrong?

Sunset Shimmer: We forgot to celebrate Arbor Day?

Twilight Sparkle: No, the problem is I just finished planning my schedule for the month, but I forgot to leave time to plan for next month! Don't you see? There's no time in my schedule to put together another schedule! I could move my meeting with the Canterlot High Hay Board to the following Tuesday, but then I have to reschedule my lunch with Pinkie Pie, and you know what a nightmare she is with scheduling. This is an absolute disaster. My whole year could be thrown off!

Spike: And I woke up from an ice cream dream for this...

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