It's Fusion Time Part 3 is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Power Rangers Harmony Force.


With Twilight and her friends nearing the semi finals, They must beat Ivan Ooze in the finals for Flurry Heart and to save Ransik and win the tournament.

The Legendary Rangers and the Gang finding Ransik/Rescue mission complete

When the Legendary Rangers, Jankenman, Aikko and the Gang gone to save Ransik, All the Legendary Power Rangers got together buying enough time to complete the rescue mission. Finally, They found Ransik and got him out of chains and bust the bars.

Preparing for the next fight/Taking down Serrator and Admiral Malkor

Back with Twilight and her friends, They've been informed by Ransik about his escape by communication. At last, The Harmony Force Ranger begin their fight with Serrator and Admiral Malkor.

Fighting Prince Vekar, Vrak and their Armada generals/Thorax's sacrifice for Nadira

After the next match, Twilight and her friends fought Prince Vekar, Prince Vrak and their Armada generals: Creepox, Bigs, Bluefur, Levira, Damaras, Argus and Redker. Back with the rescue team and Ransik, They were caught by some of Ivan Ooze's Generals from after a few matches. Then, Thorax sacrificed himself to save Nadira from Leia.

Jankenman and Aikko work their magic/Battling Sledge, his crew, Ripcon and Madame Odious

Then, Jankenman and Aikko work their magic giving the Power Rangers new powers. Back with Twilight and her friends, They begin their next fight with Sledge, Poisandra, Curio, Fury, Wrench, Snide, Doomwing and Singe. After the Harmony Force Rangers defeated them, They begin their next fight with Ripcon and Madame Odius as they won their fight.

Leia warns her father/Ivan Ooze drank the potion

At that moment, Leia warned her father about Ransik being rescued. So, Ivan Ooze drank the potion Levira made him as he begins his to form into his mutant monstrous form.

Twilight and her friends fight off Ivan Ooze/Ultimate Harmony Force Battlizer

But, Twilight and her friends are well pumped up and ready to fight Ivan Ooze. As their fight with Ivan goes on, They begin their Ultimate Harmony Force Battlizer descended from all Legendary Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin to the latest one.

The Harmony Force won the Tournament/The Return of the Ectomorphicons

Finally, Twilight and her friends won the Tournament and won the wager and keep Flurry Heart. Then, Ransik, his company and the Power Rangers came as he warned them about Ivan Ooze's Ectomorphicons returning thanks to Professor Cog, Zurgane and Wrench.

The Ultimate Megazord Battle begins/New Power for the Harmony Force Rangers

So, The Ultimate Megazord Battle begins as the Elemental Megazord begins to fight. Then, They begin to feel the new power within. Soon, They've combined all the power combinations into the Elemental Ultrazord as the other Ultrazords took down all of the Ectomorphicons.

The Battle won again/Zenowing's very own Human Form/Zenowing bestowed a gift for Twilight

Then, The battle has won again. Soon, Ransik bestowed a gift for Zenowing. Dulcea, Diabolico, Loki, Toxica and Itassis cast a spell giving Zenowing the ability to transform at will into a human. Then, He bestowed a gift of his own to Twilight allowing her to poses her own Prism Slash everytime she encounters any dangers.

Thorax on recovery as Crystal Prep's Vice Principal/Heckyl became a Legal Guardian

After the Battle, Thorax is back on the road to recovery and had his new look thanks to Diabolico, Loki, Toxica and Itassis' healing magic. Then, Ransik made him the new Vice Principal of Crystal Prep Academy for saving Nadira's life. Then, Shinng Armor and Cadance presented a welcome home surprise for Twilight. Heckyl became a new legal guardian to Flurry Heart after being a fine keeper to the Dark Energem. And Twilight was glad to count on him along with her friends and mentors.







  • Jankenman and Aikko will gather the power by the Janken Wand and the Flower Wand and gave the Harmony Force Rangers and the Legendary Power Rangers more power.
  • The final part is based on the tradition of the next Power Rangers series of Nickelodeon from Power Rangers Samurai to Power Rangers in future.
  • The Samurai, Mega, Dino Charge, Ninja Steel, Energy Chaser, Unofficial Mega, T.Q.G., Wild Prime, Nine Force and Data Squad Rangers will go help the others Rangers while Thorax and Deker joins the rescue party as they all saved Ransik.
  • Dean Cadance and Shining Armor will choose Heckyl as Flurry Heart's new legal guardian.
  • Thorax will transform into his new form after risking his life to save Nadira from Leia and will be named Vice Principal of Crystal Prep Academy.
  • Zenowing will turn into his human form for the first time and will bestow Twilight the Prism Slash ability.


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