It's Our House Now! is a musical number from the direct-to-video movie Mickey's House of Villains, In which Jafar leads a large group of Disney Villains in taking over the House of Mouse.


Mickey's House of Mouse:

The Rise of Fazbear:

[King Nixel]

This could be quite the place.

[Queen Chrysalis]

Full of wholesome, happy faces.

[Adagio Dazzle]

Hanging out.

[Timothy the Ghost Train]

Feeling fine.


Where everyone's a friend of mine.

[Wendy o Koopa]

Inside this evil joint.


Every guest gets to the point.

[All Villains]

This day will live and infamy.


Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1 is history!

[All Villains]

It's our house now!

It's our house now!

[The Dazzlings]

It's the fact you can't ignore!

[All Villains]

Shut the windows!

[Freddy Fazbear]

Lock the doors!

[All Villains]

It's our house now! Raise you mugs, you thieves and thugs!

Join the rabble-rousing crowd! It's our house now!

[Joey, Mark, & Dee Dee]

All the ugliest cockroaches are perfectly.


Every evil queen gets due respect.


Love you're work.

[Major Nixel]

You'll forget you're troubles, put your trust in me.

[Queen Chrysalis]

You had you fun!

[All Villains]

You made your play. But every rodent has his day!
It's our house now! It's our house now!
What a place for breaking bread!
[All Villains]
Eat your neightbors!
[Queen Chrysalis]
Off with their heads!
[All Villains]
It's our house now! Join the fun with no regrets! Only greedy, dirty deeds are allowed!
Get those heroes!
Game over, Emerl!
[Adagio Dazzle]
Hit the road, Twilight!
[King Nixel]
Take a hike, Mixels!
[All Villains]
It's our house now! Don't bother coming back! It's our house now!


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