It's a B-Movie Show is a song from The Brave Little Toaster.


Watch yourself
Don't fall off of the shelf
You must be the new
Boys in town
What's that sound?
Is someone movin' round?
Sit down for a spell
You don't look so well

Wait a minute, I feel great
You just leave yourself to fate
You might as well just
Hang around
It's too late
We've got to operate
Just try to relax
It's a house of wax!

Oh, I remember Frankenstein
Shivers up my spine
I'm for getting out of here
No need to shout, my dear.

Who will go
To the cellar down below?
Trouble is a-bubblin'
In the brew
And while you're down there Mr. Vincent Price
Will give you good advice
He'll know what to do
You just tell him "Boo!"!

He will put the voodoo
In the stew, I'm telling you!

It's like a movie
It's a B-movie show
It's like a movie
It's a B-movie show

This is weird
It's much worse than I feared
I'll close my eyes and make
It disappear
Yes, they're strange
It ain't home on the range
You just tell St. Pete
That you got cold feet

There goes the sun
Here comes the night
Somebody turn on
The light
Somebody tell me
That fate has been kind
You can't go out
You are out of your mind!

It's like a movie
It's a B-movie show
It's like a movie
It's a B-movie show


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