The Story Begins With Pooh And The Others, Trini, & Billy are at school trying to get signatures to save the Spirit Statue, which the city council wants to replace with a barbecue pit. According to the legend, the statue is said to protect people from harmful insects. Zack & Bakumaru mentions his fear & hate of spiders. Bulk and Skull unleash a horde of insects on Trini and Billy's audience.

That night, Baboo, Squatt, Jyuken and some Putties steal the Spirit Statue from its place in the park.

Billy shows the others his mouse at school the next day. Bulk and Skull want to play another prank, but the mouse crawls up Skull's leg.

Finster & Rouran creates Spidertron & Sends The Bug Time Shifter Bugsy and plans on hiding it inside a duplicate of the Spirit Statue. Then it will be put back in the park. Along with it are moths made of sleeping powder.

The teens minus Our Heroes & Zack go in the woods to find insects to replace the ones lost at the petition rally. Putties attack the four before running away. Elsewhere at Zack's hip hop kido class, the students are put to sleep by the moths. Zack runs to the Spirit Statue for safety from the moths. He can tell that it's a fake because rather than flowers in the statue's hair, there are snakes. Zack morphs and blasts the statue with his Power Axe. From the debris rises Spidertron & Bugsy-Con. Goldar & Gen'En assists the monsters in fighting Our Heroes, The 12 Warriors, & Black Ranger.

The other four Rangers come to help Black Ranger Our Heroes And The 12 Warriors, but all five get spun in Spidertron & Bugsy-Con's web. Rita & Nyanma makes the monsters grow and the Megazord & Kirinda are summoned. Spidertron immobilizes the Megazord, causing the Rangers to have to disassemble back into their respective zords. Mastodon Dinozord's icy spray temporarily freezes Spidertron, but it shakes free and blasts the zords.

Tommy is contacted and he goes to help. Dragonzord Battle Mode With The Help Of Artie-Master & Orbit-Master is formed and it kills Spidertron & Restores Bugsy-Con To Normal. Zack returns to his students. The city council decides not to destroy the Spirit Statue and declare it a historical landmark. Tommy & Orbit puts a rubber spider on Zack's shoulder and Zack then panics before realizing that it's fake.


Our Story Begins On Angel Grove's High School

Billy: Yeah Come On Save The City Our Greatest History

Bulk: What's The Big Deal It's Only A Pile Of Big Concrete

Trini: The City Council Wants To Demolish To Statue To Replace It With A Barbecue Pit

Bulk: Yeah We Going To Get Some Chicken & Ribs

Skull: Some Decent Chicken & Ribs

Trini: Is Not Good Everyone Forgets The Statue On The Park

Billy: Yeah According To The Legend The Statue Has The Power To Protect Harmful Insects

Zack: Forget About That Because Is Going To Get Me Heebie Jeebies Especially Spiders

Trini: Well Zack See The Flower On The Statue's Head Is Dedicated To Protect All The Insects & Humans

Skull: Hey Bulk Why The Bugs Help Humans

Bulk: Let's Find Out

Bulk & Skull Opens The Boxes And Free The Insects

Everyone Screams

A Spider In Zack & Bakumaru's Arms

Zack & Baku Screams

Tommy: Hold It Guys Steady Steady

Tart: Take That Creep

Bakumaru: Tart NOOOO!

Tommy Punches The Book On Zack's Shoulder

And Tart Uses A Hammer To Kill The Spider In Bakumaru's Head But Accidently Hit The Poor Bakumaru

Dave Felis: Oh Boy!

Tart: Oh Sorry Bakumaru!

Bakumaru: Don't Worry I Think Im Adaptading To The Slams!

Bakumaru Falls Uncounscious With A Grin

Cream Growls With Fury At Bulk & Skull

Pooh: There's A Thin Line Between Love & Hate

Dave Felis: Yeah And Cream Just Crossover That Line

Kimberly: Listen You Bionic Bean Brains What Goes Around, Goes Around

Cream: In Fact You Are Going To Regret For This You Two!

Cream Stomps On Bulk & Skull's Foots

Bulk & Skull Painfully Screams

And Cream Slaps Their Faces

Cream: JERKS !

Uri: What A Bad Mood Remaind Don't Make Her Angry OK

Dave Felis: What's Happen When She Is Angry If Something Happens To Bakumaru Love Problems Indeed

Cream Growls Again

Monk: You And Your Big Mouth


Dave Felis: I'l Take It As A No

Cream: GOOD!

Monk. I Tell You

Dave Felis: That Girl Is Creeping Me Out

Cream Holds Bakumaru's Arm

Bakumaru: It's Going To Be One Of Those Bad Luck's Days

The Fight Scene

Zack: Zordon, Princess Aura Come In This Is Zack

Zordon: Yes Zachary

Zack: I Got A Big Problem In Angel Grove Park

Alpha: Aiye Aiye Aiye Zack You Aren't Kidding

Aura: Those Butterflies Are Made Of Sleeping Powder

Aura: Leave The Area At Once

Zordon: You Are The Next Target

Zack: But I Don't Wanna Go Alone

Aura: Don't Worry Zack We'll Keep An Eye On You

Zack: Man What Always Have To Be Bugs

Tigger: Yikes If They Get Us It's Going To Be Rip Van Winkle Time

Zack: That's Not The Real Statue

Bakumaru: He Has Snakes Instead Of Flowers I Believe It's One Of Rita & Nyanma's Traps

Drago: Well In That Case Get Ready Zack

The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Zack: All Right We're Going To Find What This Is All About

Zack Shoots The Statue And The Spider Monster And Bugsy Appears

Bugsy: Surprise!

Zack: Now Thats A Weird Bug

Zack: Oh Man I Knew It A Time Shifter

Drago: Correct And His Name Is Bugsy Better Watch Out He Has The Ability To Turn Every Human Into An Insect

Zack: Right

Bugsy: Now Prepare To Get A Bug Fear In Your Life Black Ranger

Bugsy: Bugsy Shapeshift To BUGSY-CON

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