Ivan Ooze Strikes Back Part 1 is the 4th episode of the Pooh's Adventures Chronicles series will be made by Daniel Esposito and David Graham it will appear on Vimeo in the near future


In another attempt to try and take over the worlds, King Bowser and Hades unite their powers together to resurrect Ivan Ooze from the dead. Unfortunately, the slimy sorceror refuses to be anyone's pawn and goes on a rampage across Earth's countries, incapacitating most of the villains in the meantime to keep them from interfering in his plans. What's worse is that Kent Mansley, a former alien-hating government agent who Pooh once tangled with in the past, has been brainwashed by Ooze to serve him as his emissiary in convincing the United States Government to bow down to him. Now the Pooh Gang and the Legion of Darkness have but one option left if they want to stop Ivan Ooze from destroying everything: work together as temporary allies.