This is how J.P. and Otto's Digimon sprit goes in episode 5 of Ryan's and Sora's Digimon Frontier.

Trailmon passes by on a bridge far from the kids who stand watching it. 

A sandy wind blows and they cover themselves and walk. 

Neemon: Hey cool! My Ears are full of sand! 

Bokomon: Yes, and your head is full of rocks. 

Tommy: Wow, I haven’t been in a wind this strong since...well...ever. 

A Trailmon rides the track the kids are walking against and they run off it. 

JP: That was close. 

Takuya: Why do things in the Digital World always come out of nowhere? 

Doki: And I wonder who is the 2 kids with keys for swords?

Bokomon: What do you mean nowhere? We’re walking along train tracks. 

Takuya: So? 

Bokomon: So where there are tracks there’s a train, it’s kinda like the whole smoke-fire thing. 

Some wind gets sucked in a tube. 

Tommy: Wow, awesome! 

Bokomon: Welcome to Wind Factory Incorporated. 

Zoe: Wind Factory Incorporated? 

Neemon A division of Mother Nature Enterprises. 

Inside they see metallic beetles. 

Beetles: Buzz, two, three, four. 

Takuya: Hey, some digimon. 

Bokomon: Kokuwamon, machine digimon. When they feel threatened they let out a million volt electrical charge, their special attack is Power Surge. 

A Kokuwamon trips and the rest fall like dominoes letting out electricity. 

Tommy: Ah. 

Bokomon: Well if there are that many digimon around then there must be some food around here somewhere. 

Takuya: Alright! Then let’s have us a feast! 


Takuya and Doki runs in and JP and Otto stops them. 

JP: But Takuya, Doki, hold on. 

Takuya returns. 

Takuya: Why? What’s up? 

JP: Listen Tacky, as long as you’re headin’ out to get some food, would you mind getting me an order to go with extra everything? 


Takuya: What? I’m not the Pizza mon, it’s every tummy for itself. 

He turns and barks. 

JP: Hey! 

They all run in. 

Takuya: Last one to fill their plate is a rotten egg! Woo hoo! 

Doki: Wait up!

Alarms go off and a digimon hanging from a string attached to its head drops down in front of them. 

Digimon: Warning! Warning! Warning! A warning from Minomon! 

Bokomon reads the book. 

Neemon: Hello there. 

Bokomon: Hm... 

Minomon: Are you not listening to me? I said ‘Warning! Warning! 

Bokomon: They’re larva digimon. 

Minomon: Warning, no trespassers allowed in the Wind Factory. No entry! Leave now, go home! Stop! If you don’t obey our warning we will commence our fierce attack! 

Two more drop down. 

All three: You have now been warned! Stop! What we’re trying to say is get out! 

Takuya: Uh. 

JP: Now would be a real good time for me- 

Takuya: Uh huh. 

JP: To wait in the car if we had one. 

Otto: Yeah.

Zoe steps to the Minomon. 

Zoe: Ugh, boys. Excuse me but we’re just here for a tour of the factory. 

The Minomon talk to each other. 

JP: Let’s make the first tour stop the exit door, okay? 

The Minomon: Then come on down! 

Zoe smiles and JP and Otto falls over. 

Inside the factory. 

Tommy: This is cool! 

Fico: Awesome!

They run to a window where the Kokuwamon work. 

Zoe: It’s so amazing. 

Gabi: So nice!

JP: This is great, I love watching other people work. 

Otto: Me too!

Bokomon: We’re not the only ones watching... 

They see green goblin looking digimon behind them. 

Bokomon: Goblimon, this ogre digimon loves being bad, his special attack is Goblin Strike. 

Minomon: Are you enjoying your tour? 

Zoe: Yeah. 

Minomon: Do you have any questions? 

Neemon: Can we slide on this floor on our socks? 

Minomon: If you feel you must, go ahead. 

JP and Otto hops from one foot to the other. 

Tommy: What’s wrong? 

JP: I really need to find a bathroom, like right now! 

Otto: Me too!

He and JP runs down the hallway. 

Minomon: It’s on the left! 

He and Otto arrives at the door. 

JP: Oh boy! 

Otto: Finally!

Digimon: Hey you! 

JP: Huh? 

He turns his head. 

JP: What was that? Whatever it is can wait! 

Digimon: Come on, let's hurry! 

From the window bright blue light shines and the Kokuwamon moan.

Otto: Phew! 

JP: So much better, hm? 

He starts to walk over to the noise source. 

Takuya (down the hall): Hey JP! Otto! Hurry up! Did ya fall in? 

JP: We're comin’ already! 

On the floor is the shadows of Kokuwamon with electricity flowing out of them. 

Kokuwamon: Oh....oh....oh.... 

In the main room. 

Minomon: This is the backbone of Wind Factory. 

Below them is a big machine. 

Minomon: It’s where all the latest ultra high-tech super machines are made! 

Tommy: So cool. 

Fico: I know.

Bokomon: You call that an ultra high-tech super machine? Please. 

Fans travel on a conveyor belt to the inside of the machine. 

Tommy: A fan? 

Zoe: And an ugly one at that, I mean gray is so out. 


JP: What’s so high-tech about a stupid Fan? 


Minomon: Hey, it beats a folded piece of paper! 

All: Uh. 

Minomon drops behind them and they turn. 

Minomon: Now, before we get you some lovely parting gifts, are there any questions? 

They all raise their hands. 

All: Yeah! Where is the cafeteria? 

On their plates in the Cafeteria there are an array of batteries. 

JP: Uh! 

Doki: What's this?

Takuya: Hm... 

Zoe: So, what exactly do you call this? 

Neemon: A 9 volt omelet? 

Minomon: Eat up everybody!  

Zoe: They’re really lovely batteries, but- 

Minomon: Oh you’ll love them! They’re our chef’s special! 

They look at a Kokuwamon drain the electricity out of a battery. 

Minomon: Just look at the Kokuwamon, they can’t get enough! 

Neemon: Oh... 

Minomon: Be sure to save room for dessert, it’s alkaline. 

Takuya, Doki, Otto and JP: We can’t eat this stuff! 

They drop the batteries. 

Tommy: Say, don’t you have any sugary treats lying around, you know, for special guests? 

Fico: Yeah, some Candy or Treats?

Minomon: How about a double A pie? 

All: No thanks! 

Minomon: Ah! 

He flies away. 

Outside the kids walk. 

Zoe: I’m worried we might’ve offended the Minomon. 

Takuya: More than lunch offended us? 

Doki: Yeah, they served Batteries.

JP: Can we get back to worrying about my stomach? 

Otto: Me too.

Takuya and Doki kicks a battery. 

Takuya: Stupid batteries! 

Doki: Why could we get some real food?

It lands near the Goblimon and it grabs their attention. 

Goblimon: Huh? 

Takuya and Doki laughs nervously. 

Zoe: Hey what’s that?   

Bokomon: It’s a building with a fence around it, too obvious an answer. 

Takuya: Well let’s check it out! 

They run to it. 

The elder Kokuwamon, signified by his cane and metallic moustache, steps forward. 

Takuya: So this- 

Zoe: Is where the Kokuwamon live. 

Neemon: At least they’re out in the sunshine. 

Bokomon: Yes, where they can sweat and rust. 

Four little Kokuwamon step forward. 

JP and Tommy: Hm? 

A little one: You’re kinda funny lookin’. 

They giggle. 

In a room where there are many fans blowing a digimon sips on a cold drink. 

Digimon: Oh that’s good, oh yes. 

Goblimon: Oh mighty leader. 

Leader: What? 

Goblimon: We have reports from security of some pink, soft outsiders who have toured the factory and are now in the Kokuwamon bearings. 

Leader: I hate pink, soft outsiders! 

The leader slashes his glass. 

In the elder Kokuwamon’s home. 

Elder: Where once there was there, there is now here, which is neither here nor there. 

Zoe: If I said that made any sense, I’d be lying. 

Tommy: Yeah I’m lost too. 

A younger Kokuwamon steps forward. 

Kokuwamon: Sorry, the Elder’s charge is a little low these days. Perhaps our story would make more sense if we begin at the beginning. 

Flashback to the Kokuwamon living peacefully in the forest. 

Kokuwamon (narrating): We Kokuwamon lived peacefully in the forest for generations, we played among the trees and had games of electric tag. 

The forest turns red and a net catches the Kokuwamon. 

Kokuwamon (narrating): Until one day, without warning, the Goblimon attacked! The wind at the Wind Factory had gotten weaker and the energy for the generator had gotten low. So their leader had us rounded up. 

End flashback. 

Kokuwamon: They took us all from our beautiful wooden home and put us to work in the factory. 

Elder: Here, not there. 

Tommy: Man that just blows. 

Zoe: Yeah and everything seemed so normal when we were toured the factory. 

JP: I had a feeling something was wrong, my gut told me. 

Takuya: Great, even your stomach’s a know-it-all. So how come they needed your labor in such a modern factory? 

Kokuwamon: Our labor is more they fought us for the Goblimon, it is not the main reason they keep us. You must understand they would never let you outsiders see what really goes on there. We Kokuwamon are a timid and cowardly breed by nature, but when we’re frightened we emit electrical currents up to a million volts. 

Flashback to a Goblimon hitting the Kokuwamon’s cell. 

End flashback. 

Kokuwamon: So they scare us, constantly. Sometimes they even pour water on us to short us out, then they use the electricity we give off at the factory. Or even worse, they threaten to hang us upside down so the charge rushes to our heads. And if all that doesn’t work they show us pictures of people’s feet. I’ve gotten so jumpy these days I feel like there’s a kangaroo in my pants! 

JP: So that was the noise I heard when I came out of the bathroom. 

Elder: Scary here. 

Kokuwamon: We’re in the factory everyday, this really isn’t very much fun for us at all. 

Kokuwamon #2: It’s no pay and hard work. 

Kokuwamon #3: And no vacations. 

Elder: Can’t go there. 

Tommy: Well why don’t you leave? 

Kokuwamon 2 and 3: Hm? 

JP: Yeah, when the goin’ gets too tough the really smart ones take off. 

Takuya: Are you out of your mind?! If they take off then the Goblimon will track them down and smash them all into little pieces! 

JP: Let me guess, Tacky! You got some bright idea they should band together and fight back? 

They growl. 

Kokuwamon: We’re not really fighters and as for running away, we can’t because the Goblimon security is just too tight. 

Takuya: Well it seems like those are your only two options. 

Kokuwamon: I suppose if we had to choose, we would prefer the running option. 

Takuya: If you run now you’ll never stop running, but if you fight them you could be free forever. You won’t have to do it alone, we’ll help ya beat them. 

Little Kokuwamon: Hm? 

JP: Hey, who died and made you decision guy anyway? What if we don’t want any part of this fight, huh? 

Zoe and Tommy stand up. 

Zoe: I’m in. 

Gabi: Us too.

Tommy: Yeah, when do we start? 

Fico: And How?

Bokomon and Neemon: Excellent! 

The little Kokuwamon stands.

Little Kokuwamon: Mm hm. 

Two more stand. 

Both: Mm hm. 

Kokuwamon: Right let’s do it! 

Kokuwamon #2: This might be the most important moment of our lives. 

Kokuwamon #3: However short they may be! 

Elder: Here, here! 

Takuya: Well something tells me those Goblimon aren’t gonna get the shock of their lives! 

Doki: And this will work.

Zoe: Okay, is everyone ready? 

The Kokuwamon: Ready when you are! 

JP: Ch, ready to get ourselves killed. 

A Minomon hears this outside. 

Minomon: Oh I knew it! Anyone who turns down double A pie has got to be trouble! Snimon’s not gonna like this! 

He pulls himself up with his string. 

Takuya and Doki has a plan drawn out. 

Takuya: Well listen up, we’re gonna do this tonight! First, Zoe and the girls will cause a distraction right here. She’s gonna try to get as many Goblimon as possible over to the gate. That is, if you think you can handle it. 

Zoe: No sweat.

Gabi: We will.

Takuya: Then the rest of us will move into the factory and wait for the right moment to attack and when the signal comes, we all hit the same target: destroy the assembly line and that’s it. So what do ya say, are ya with me? 

The Kokuwamon: Affirmative! 

Doki: Great, this is teamwork guys and a great plan! Just like the ones Me and Takuya used to draw up for my army men, except this time it’s for real! Pretty cool, huh? Heh, heh, heh. 

Zoe: Yeah, pretty cool for you, Takuya and Doki. 

Takuya: What’s that mean?! 

Tommy: I get it, so if there’s no place for them to work I guess they’ll just get to go home again. 

Fico: And they'll be safe and sound.

Takuya: It’s not quite that simple, Tommy. We’ll still have the Goblimon leader to get rid of. 

JP: I’m not going. 

Otto: Me too.

All: What? 

JP: Why don’t you guys take care of this one and just holler if you need me. 

Otto: So am I.

Takuya: What are you saying, JP? 

Doki: And you, Otto?

JP: We're saying that you guys are on your own. You don’t need me, you probably don’t even want me. I can’t become a digimon like you guys! We're just tall...sweet...cuddly. 

Takuya: Man I will never understand what your problem is. 

Doki: Yeah, what's wrong, Otto?

JP: My problem is you, trying to make me do what we don’t want to! 

Otto: Yeah! And I can't going to make me do what we don't want to!

Takuya: Oh yeah?! 

Bokomon: You four loudmouths are gonna make the Kokuwamon cry. 

Kokuwamon #2: We understand what JP and Otto is going through. 

Kokuwamon: You see, before we met you we never even dreamed of fighting back. 

Kokuwamon #2: But you have given us hope and that is something we haven’t had in a long time and you have seen how strong we can be if we just believe in ourselves. 

Elder: We believe. 

Takuya: You do? 

JP walks off to the wall. 

Takuya: Huh? 

JP: Believe in yourself, like it’s just that simple. Gimme a break. 

Otto: Us too!

He puts his hands against the wall and a little Kokuwamon runs over. 

Little Kokuwamon: Hm... 

Later the sun sets and JP and Otto is watching it on a hill.

JP (thinking): Why did I get on that stupid train anyway? 

Otto (thinking): Why do came to this place for?

The little Kokuwamon runs to his side. 

JP (thinking): I can’t do anything right in the Digital World. 

Otto (thinking): I don't have anything to do.

Little Kokuwamon: Excuse me, sirs. 

JP: Hm? 

Little Kokuwamon: Can we really go back to the forest tomorrow? I miss the trees. 

JP: Don’t worry, we’ll get ya back home. 

Little Kokuwamon: Gee, thanks mister, ha ha ha. 

Later that night. 

Takuya: Alright it’s go time. 

The Kokuwamon: Go! 

Takuya: Are we ready? 

The Kokuwamon: Ready! 

They run. 

Takuya holds his D-Tector up. 

D-Tector: It is time. 

The symbol for Flame glows on his screen. 

Takuya: Ah! 

Takuya, Doki, Fico, Mundi, Anabelle, Gabi, Zoe, and Tommy: Execute...Spirit Evolution! 

Agunimon: Agunimon! Rah!!! 

Dogmon: Dogmon!

Ottermon: Ottermon!

Ladybugmon: Ladybugmon!

Goatmon: Goatmon!

Flamingomon: Flamingomon!

Kazemon: Kazemon! 

Kumamon: Kumamon! 

They break the font door, the alarm goes off and many Minomon swing down. 

The Minomon: Warning! Warning! 

Kazemon: Go away you mouthy pinecones! 

They pull themselves up. 

Kazemon flies up. 

Kazemon: Hurricane Waves! 

The waves destroy the alarms and make an explosion that she walks into. 

Kazemon (thinking): That oughtta wake up the neighbors. 

Goatmon (thinking)

Kazemon: Come out, come out wherever you are. Hm, hm. 

The Goblimon run out as Agunimon, Dogmon, Ottermon and Kumamon watch. 

Agunimon: Right now follows me!

Dogmon: Let's go! 

Agunimon, Dogmon, Ottermon, Kumamon, the Kokuwamon, Bokomon and Neemon run in. 

Some Kokuwamon follow JP and Otto up a hill to watch the plan. 

The Kokuwamon: Buzz, two, three, four. Buzz two, three, four. 

Kazemon knocks down some Goblimon. 

In the factory some Goblimon run to the Kokuwamon and they tackle the Goblimon. 

The Kokuwamon: Power Surge! 

The electricity weakens them and a Kokuwamon pushes a Goblimon through the glass and onto the conveyor belt. 

Kokuwamon: Power Surge! 

They destroy factory parts. 

Kumamon: Crystal Freeze! 

Ottermon: Boomerang of Freeze!

They freezes the Goblimon inside the cells. 

Kumamon: Yeah! 

Ottermon: That's cool!

Agunimon: Alright, nice work, Kumamon and Ottermon. 

Agunimon, Neemon, Bokomon, Kumamon and some Kokuwamon follow as they run down the hallway. 

Neemon: He made Goblimon pops. 

Kumamon: Wait up! 

Ottermon: Don't forget us!

On the hill. 

JP (thinking): Everyone gets to spirit evolve but me, that so figures. 

Otto (thinking)

Inside at a door. 

Kokuwamon: This should get us past the lock. 

He breaks the lock and the door opens. 

Neemon: Open, says me. 

They run in. 

Agunimon: Next stop, the assembly line! Huh?

Dogmon: What the? 

The lights turn on and they see a lot of Goblimon. 

Neemon: Oh no! 

Bokomon: I don’t like the looks of this. 

A large insect digimon comes down on a hook and chain. 

Leader: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

Bokomon: Snimon, this praying mantis digimon has blades for hands, his special attack is Twin Sickles. 

Snimon: Well, look what we have here. 

He jumps down. 

Snimon: You destroyed part of my factory so I’ll destroy you! 

He slashes at Agunimon and Dogmon who dodges. 

Agunimon: Oh boy! 

Dogmon: Not good!

On the hill. 

JP (thinking): Here I am, where’s it safe. Talk about useless. Takuya’s got the fire power of Agunimon, Doki got the Digimon of Bravery Power. Gabi got the Digimon of Kindness Power. Mundi got the Digimon of Heartful Power. Anabelle got the Digimon of Hope Power. Fico got the Digimon of Elements Power. Zoe’s flying around like she’s Queen of the Sky, even Tommy’s got the power to turn anything he wants into a frozen dinner. All I have is a constant craving for chocolate. Well, let ‘em fight with Kokuwamon. 

JP: It’s not like I care or anything...cause I don’t. 

Otto: Me too!

Elder: You can’t! 

The little Kokuwamon runs out. 

Elder: You’re too small! 

Little Kokuwamon: Only on the outside, remember what Takuya said? I believe in myself, I do! 

Elder: Yes, but you must also believe in others to fight when you can’t. 

JP: He can’t, but me and Otto can. 

He puts his hands on the little Kokuwamon’s shoulder. 

Little Kokuwamon: Mister? 

JP and Otto runs down the hill. 

Little Kokuwamon: You can do it! 

Kazemon and Goatmon dodges the clubs the Goblimon throw at her. 

Goblimon: There’s only one of her. Goblin Strike! 

They all throws fireballs at Kazemon and Goatmon but only one hits and knocks her down. 

Kazemon: Uh! 

Before she hit’s the ground she flies up and away. 

Kazemon (thinking): I gotta run, I just hope I bought them enough time. 

Goatmon: (Thinking) I hope the Others can stop this.

The Goblimon cheer and JP runs behind them into the factory. 

JP (thinking): Hang on guys, here comes reinforcements. 

Some Goblimon chase Kumamon and Ottermon inside. 

Kumamon and Ottermon trips. 

Kokuwamon: Power Surge! 

They’re stopped. Bokomon and Neemon get chased too. 

Agunimon: Pyro Darts! 

Dogmon: Ragnarok!

Snimon uses his sickles as a shield. 

Agunimon: Pyro Darts! 

Dogmon: Sonic Blade!

Two Kokuwamon guide JP to the rest. 

Kokuwamon: Hurry! The others are at the end of this hallway! 

JP: I gotta get into shape. 

In the main room some Goblimon have Kumamon, Ottermon, Bokomon, and Neemon trapped against a wall. 

They throw a fireball but they miss. 

Snimon: There is no escape! 

Snimon flies down and scratches Agunimon and Dogmon across the face then bats him away with his tail. 

Agunimon tries to hold back Snimon. 

Agunimon (thinking): This guy’s too strong! 

Dogmon (Thinking)n

Snimon: What’s your name? Or should I just call you lunchmeat? Ha ha! 

Agunimon: None of your business! 

Dogmon: And put a sock in it!

Snimon: You dare to taunt me?! 

Agunimon lifts Snimon over his head and tosses him at the central machine. 

Snimon: Ah! 

JP: Uh! 

Agunimon hits is fists together and Snimon flies down to him again. 

Snimon: Twin Sickles! 

The two beams knock Agunimon and Dogmon back into the wall. 

Snimon: Ha ha ha ha ha! Now I will destroy all of your little friends, one by one! 

Agunimon (thinking): I failed... 

Dogmon (thinking):

A Kokuwamon flies to JP and Otto. 

Kokuwamon: Isn’t there any way to stop him? 

JP: How about givin’ us a lift? 

The Kokuwamon fly him and Otto up. 

JP: That’s it guys, just a little higher. 

Snimon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

JP and Otto is in the crane and presses some buttons. 

JP and Otto: Ah!!!! 

They moves the crane and it hits Snimon knocking his sickles into the wall and keeping them there. 

The Goblimon flee scared. 

Kumamon: JP! 

Ottermon: Otto!

JP and Otto: Yeah! Ha ha! 

Agunimon: Quick thinking, buddy! Huh? 

He sees Snimon gets one sickle out and he throws a red blade beam that cuts the crane and one piece hit’s the place where the conveyors come together. 

Agunimon: JP! 

Dogmon: Otto!

Another part of the crane pushes Snimon into the wall. 

From the smoke of the bottom a spirit appears in blue light. 

Kumamon: Is that? 

Agunimon: A spirit! 

Bokomon checks the book. 

Neemon: Now where do you suppose that came from? 

Bokomon: The metal surrounding it must’ve been too thick for the D-Tector to uh detect it. Heh, heh. 

JP: This time that spirit’s gotta be mine! 

Otto: Mine too!

He and Otto falls out of the crane. 

JP and Otto: Ah!!!!! 

The Kokuwamon catch him and Otto and bring him and Otto in front of the spirit. 

JP and Otto: Ah!!!!!! Spirit! 

They holds out their D-Tector and the spirit enters it. 

D-Tector: It is time. 

A yellow sign for Thunder appears on his screen. 

JP and Otto: Execute...Spirit Evolution! 

Beetlemon: Beetlemon! 

Anteatermon: Anteatermon!

Agunimon: Look, JP spirit evolved! 

Dogmon: Even Otto!

Bokomon: Yes, to Beetlemon, the Warrior of Thunder. And Anteatermon, the Warrior of Strength.

Beetlemon: I can’t believe it! I’m Beetlemon! 


They starts jumping up and down. 

Beetlemon: I did it! Let’s get this Party started! Ha ha! 


Snimon: Dance while you can, monkey boy. Soon you will taste the fury of Snimon! 

Beetlemon: The only thing I wanna taste is a cheeseburger with a side of fries! 


They rush at each other and Beetlemon and Anteatermon jumps over Snimon. 

Snimon: Rah!!!!!! 

He puts his sickles on Beetlemon’s shoulders and Beetlemon and Anteatermon rams him into the wall. 

Beetlemon: Beetlemon and Anteatermon one, green guy nothin’! 

Snimon flies to him. 

Beetlemon: Whoa! 

He flies up. 

Beetlemon: Missed me and Anteatermon! 


Snimon: Twin Sickles! 

The red blades pass through him. 

Beetlemon: Oh yeah? I call forth... 

Snimon: Rah!!!!! 

Beetlemon: The power of... 

Snimon: Rah!!!!!!!! 

Beetlemon: Thunder Fist! 

Anteatermon: And Laser Thunder!

He slams Snimon on the head which slams Snimon into the wall. 

Beetlemon: Where once your power was used for evil... 

He and Otto takes their D-Tector out and Snimon’s fractal code appear and him turn black. 

Anteatermon: I think it's awesome!

Beetlemon: Let it now be used for good!

Anteatermon & Beetlemon: Fractal Code...Digitize! 

They scans the data and on the screen of the D-Tector is Snimon. 

The rest of the Goblimon run. 

The area where the spirit was found lights up and catches on fire. 

Agunimon: The factory’s gonna blow! Everybody out! 

The factory explodes with all outside. 

The next morning the factory is destroyed and everyone cheers. 

Elder: Finally! There is here! 

Kokuwamon: Our story has come full circle! 

Elder: Finally! There is here! 

Kokuwamon: Our story has come full circle! 

JP: You can all go back to your real homes now. 

Little Kokuwamon: I was right to believe in you. 

All: Huh? 

The sandy wind blows again and with Minomon inside. 

Minomon: Warning! Hey warning! We’re getting carried away here! 

They all laugh. 

JP: Now can we find some food, please? Guys? 

Otto: Why don't you say something?

In a cave a Minomon swings in. 

Digimon: What? More human child gets spirit? 

The shadow of the digimon against the wall shows he has troll like features. 

Digimon: Rah! 

The fire on the stick blows out. 

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