HMV- My Lullaby

Jaaku,Son of Queen Regina and is Pooh's Enemy

Jaaku is the son of Queen Regina and is the brother of Evil Selena Gomez .He will debut in his first adventure series Pooh Meets Jaaku, where he is assigned by Bowser and Anceint Minister to capture Pooh and his friends where he will be rewared great amounts of money.Jaaku accepts and then Bowser sends some familiar faces,Carmen Sandiego Sideshow Bob, Indominus Rex,Hades,Azula, Gaston ,Nostalgia Critic, Warp Darkmatter and finally his Mother, Queen Regina. After Jaaku meets his allies, he then procedds to capture Pooh's friends, each having a past with the villains, Kermit, the Simpsons, Spongebob,Hercules, Genie, Rapunzel, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts,Flora Fauna and Merryweather, and Emma Swan. Afterwards, Pooh and his friends notice that their friends have gone missing, then they see a raven drop something in Pooh's hand, a magic orb, Pooh shakes it around until it shows a projection of Jaaku expaing that he has captured his friends and if he wants them back, he must take there place instead. After a while the villains taunt the captured and lie saying that Pooh and his friends are dead. The heroes are sad but one of the guards in Jaaku's castle informs him that Pooh is here and alone because he sent his friends back saying that this is his fight not there's. So Jaaku and the villains take Pooh to the cellar where the captured heroes were but finds that they escaped and so Pooh is able to save his friends and not get captured, so Pooh and the villains get into a fight until suddenly Emma Tosses a box that can trap anything but can't escape. So Jaaku happens to get caught but takes the other's down with him, and Pooh and his friends, victorious, left Jaaku's Castle and lived happily ever after.

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