Here is how Jack's not home right now goes in Code Red enters the Nightmare before Christmas.

(We then see the original members and the local band sleeping at Jack's gate)

Mayor:(drives up humming This is Halloween) Morning gents.(continues humming)

(After ringing the bell twice with no answer, the Mayor fell down in worry)

Band member: He's not home.

Mayor: Well where is he?

Band member: He hasn't been home all night.

Taser: Our new recruits followed him, but seeing as he hasn't returned, they're still following him.

Mayor: Well, we've got to find them!

(we see Jack and Zero)

Zero: (barks)

Jack Skellington: No Zero, I'm not in the mood right now.

Bucky Barnes:(places his hand on his shoulder to comfort him)

(Zero continues barking)

Jack Skellington: Alright.(takes out one of his bones) Fetch!

Zero:(does so)

(We then see a crowd of people)

Mayor: Excuse me. Coming through.(on megaphone) We've got to find Jack and those new recruits! There's only 365 days left til next Halloween!

Werewolf: 364!

Mayor: Isn't there anywhere we've forgotten to check?

Clown with the tear-away face: I looked in every mausoleum.

Witches: We opened all the sarcophagi.

Hyde: I tromped through the pumpkin patch.

Vampire: I pecked behind the Cyclops' eye. I did but they're not there.

Mayor: It's time to sound the alarms!

Major Malfunction:(transforms into police car mode and turns on his sirens)

(We here a wailing sound)

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