Here is how Jack takes off and Code Red orders the government to shoot him down goes in Code Red enters the Nightmare before Christmas.

(We see the team running to the town)

Nighlock: Come on, Jack's gonna leave any minute!

(Sally has an idea)

Sally:(pours some liquid into the fountain which creates a fog barrier)

Red Smoke: Good thinking Sally.

Flash Fire:(smiles) You read my mind, Sally.

Nighlock: Good going.

(suddenly, everyone cheers as Jack somehow takes off)

Quicksilver: Oh, I just remembered something.

Nighlock: What?

Quicksilver: Remember in Rudolph's story how one foggy Christmas Eve, when Santa asked him to guide his sleigh that night?

Bucky Barnes: You've gotta be kidding me.

Quicksilver: I'm not.

Deadpool: When Jack realizes what he doing is wrong, we'll help Odette in the Barbie dimension.

Nighlock: (facepalms)

Indominus Rex: Yay, make things go boom time!(gets excited)

Flash Fire: You and your explosions.

[they use the frequency to call the government]

Nighlock: Hello, can anybody here me, over?

Graydon Creed:(on radio) I thought we blocked you guys from calling the government while you guys were on break?

[the team rolls their eyes]

Nighlock: Graydon, we have a mucho grandè problèmè.

Graydon Creed: Què? Què grandè problèmè?

Nighlock: Santa has been captured and could be in serious danger. A skeleton has authorized his kidnapping, and is mixing Christmas with Halloween. You need to shoot him down and fast.

Graydon Creed: You do realize that you'll get in trouble right?

Nighlock: Just shoot him down so I can talk to him. Oh, and for a treat, use the Alpha Armour.

Graydon Creed:(smiles, now interested) Now we're talking.(goes to get inside it)

(We see Graydon turn on the lights and see the Cybertronian Alpha Armour)

(screen goes black)

Graydon Creed: Wow!

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