This is how Jacques' and Josee pull off some dirty tricks in Flain's Mixel Rock & Roll Adventure.

Gobba (EG): What was that?!

Mal: You were showing them your magic. I-I didn't know what else to do.

Human Alphablock W: Would've been a lot easier if [looks at E] a certain someone hadn't been fooling around.

Mesmo (EG): Ugh. Close the curtains? Unplug her amp? Give us a chance to deal with the situation?

Mal: I'm sorry, I just wanted to help.

Chomly (EG): Yeah, well, you didn't.

Shuff (EG): None of this would've happened if you weren't tryin' to show off – as usual.

[Then Jacques and Josee Arrived]

Jacques: Good show, "Mixel Glooms". I especially liked the part where Mal, in a fit of jealous rage, knocked out Gobba mid-guitar solo!

Mal: It wasn't a fit of jealous rage!

[The Mixel Dramas Felt confused]

Josee: If you say so. Ooh! Looks like they've already decided who'll be moving on to the finals! I'm guessing it wasn't too difficult a decision.

[Then the Starrings door Opens as they sing]

The Starrings: [vocalizing]

Mal: Huh?

Magnifo (EG): What can we do? There isn't gonna be another opportunity for us to play. And I had the most gorgeous outfit for the finals!

Krader (EG): Yup, 'cause that's the real tragedy here, Magnifo – that you won't get to play dress-up!

Wizwuz (EG): You know perfectly well that is not what I meant!

Kraw (EG): You guys wanna keep it down? They're about to announce who's moving on.

Lunk (EG): Who are you kidding? You know it isn't gonna be us.

Principal Azulongmon: The band that will be joining the Starrings in tonight's finals... The Mixel Dramas!

Jacques and Josee: What?!

The Mixel Dramas: Huh?

Volectro (EG): Did they just say, "the Mixel Dramas"?!

Jacques: This isn't over!

[Jacques and Josee Walks off Grumpily]

[As The Mixel Dramas Approach to Principal Azulongmon and Vice Principal Zhuqiaomon]

Principal Azulongmon: Congratulations, guys. You deserve it.

Zaptor (EG): Seriously?! We didn't even finish our—!

Gobba (EG): Quiet.

[The Starrings Arrived]

Scar: See you at tonight's big show, Mixel Dramas. We are really looking forward to it.

[As the Starrings leave]

Gobba (EG): Yeah, well... not as much as we are!

[the crowd jeers]

Photo Finish (EG): Zis never should haf been you, Mixel Dramas!

Human Alphablock E: I wasn't fooling around, W.

[As the Mixel Dramas walks away look at the crowd jeering, Jacues and Josee Watches in bitter]

Jacques: This is a Tragedy!

Josee: A Tragedy!

Scar: It really is. The Mixel Dramas don't deserve to be in the finals. Not when your band was so much better in the semis.

Frollo: And wanted it so much more.

Scar: Alas, this is the way it's going to be. Starrings vs. Mixel Dramas.

Ratcliffe: Unless, of course, the Mixel Dramas don't manage to make it to their set or held up for some reason.

Jacques and Josee: Hmm... [sinister chuckling]

[Later, At the Canterlot Amphitheatre, The Mixel Dramas are doing some practice]

Gobba (EG): Check, one, two. Testing, testing... [taps microphone] Testing...!

[voice echoes]

[microphone feedback]

Lunk (EG): This doesn't make any sense. We were awful. Doesn't anybody else think it's strange that we're the ones that made it to the finals?

Jacques: Very strange.

Chomly (EG): What are you doing here, Jacques and Josee? Pretty sure the losers are supposed to be up there in the cheap seats.

Josee: The Great and Powerful Jacques and Josee is the most talented dancers at Canterlot High. It isI who deserves to be in the finals. And I will not... [snaps fingers] denied!

[They pull the lever, The Trap Door opens, Then the Mixel Dramas fall down into the basement]

The Mixel Dramas: [screaming]

[Then Vulk, Zorch and Mike showed up]

Vulk: Oh no!

[Down below the Basement, They hurt badly as they look at Jacques and Josee being Evil]

Jacques: [evil laughter] See you never!

[The trap door closes]

[As the Starrings looks at The Mixel Dramas' Downfall]

Scar: [chuckle] Told you someone would give them a shove.

Ratcliffe: They didn't shove them. They pulled a lever.

Frollo: [groans] Go back to sleep, Ratcliffe.

[Later that night, While Jacques and Josee sings Tricks up my Sleeve]

Jacques: Ya better believe~

We got tricks up my sleeve~

Josee: And We captivate~

'Cause We're powerful and grea-ea-eat~

The Ice Skaters: Oh, whoa, oh-oh-oh-oh~

Jacques: Ya better believe~

We got tricks up my sleeve~

Josee: See me dominate~

'Cause We're powerful and grea-ea-eat~

The Ice Skaters: Oh, whoa, oh oh oh oh

[Meanwhile, At the Basement of the Amphitheatre, The Mixel Dramas tried to escape but fail]

Gobba (EG): [Grunts]

Krader (EG): Give it up, Gobba. You've been tryin' at this for hours. It's not gonna open.

Flain: Maybe it doesn't even matter that we're trapped down here. I don't think the counter-spell would have worked anyway.

Seismo (EG): Of course it would have worked, Flain. Assumin' a certain band member didn't try to hog the spotlight the whole time we were tryin' to play it!

Gobba: (EG): Hey! If you wanna tell Flain he's getting a little too caught up trying to be the new leader of this band, you don't have to be all cryptic about it.

Mesmo (EG): He was talking about you, Gobba!

Gobba (EG): I'm just trying to make sure my band rocks as hard as it needs to!

All 21 EG Mixels: Our Band!!

Flain: But why wasn't it working? I should know what to do. How could I not know what to do? How could I have failed like this?

Shuff (EG): It might've been your idea to start a band, but it's not just your band, Gobba!

Gobba (EG): I'm the one who writes all the songs!

Lunk (EG): I write songs! You just never let us play any of them!

Magnifo (EG): I had the most perfect outfits for us to wear!

Krader (EG): Again with the costumes! No one cares what we're wearin'!

Magnifo (EG): I care, Cragsters! So sorry if I enjoy trying to make a creative contribution to the band!

Volectro (EG): Hey! Anybody here remember fun?! I'll give you a hint: It's the exact opposite of being in the Mixel Dramas!

Chomly (EG): I wish I never asked any of you to be in my band!

Magnifo (EG): I wish I'd never agreed to be in it!!!!

Lunk (EG) and Seismo (EG): Me neither!

[All 24 EG Mixels Began to Argue, As the Sparkling Light Blue mist appears]

Mal: Oh no.

[Meanwhile Jacques and Josee We're finishing the song]

Jacques: Ya better believe~

We got tricks up my sleeve~

Josee: See me dominate~

'Cause We're powerful and grea-ea-eat!~

[Fireworks exploding]

[Crowd Cheering]

[As the Starrings watch Jacques and Josee and the Ice Skaters leave, that they are going to be the winners]

Jacques: Try to top that!

Scar: [sarcastically] Oh, gosh! I don't know if we can!

The Starrings: [laughing]

[Then they see the Sparkling Blue mist]

Scar: At Last, The Power.

[As the Crowd Stomp Mumbling, Many Spotlights Appears, And the Starrings appears]

The Starrings: Ahh, ah-ah, ahh~

Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah~

Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah~

[Meanwhile, Mal watches in horror, As the EG Mixels continue Arguing, Mal snaps out of it]

Mal: Stop! You have to stop! This is what they've been after all along! They're feeding off of the magic inside you!

Krader (EG): How can they be using our magic? It's the magic of friendship.

Mal: Ever since you started this band, you've been letting little things get to you. I never said anything 'cause I didn't feel like it was my place. Not when I'm so new to this whole "friendship" thing. I still have a lot to learn. But I do know that if you don't work out even the smallest problems right at the start, the magic of friendship can be turned into something else.

Flain: I can't believe all this tension was happening right under my nose and I didn't realize it. I'm supposed to be the one with all the answers. And all I've done since I got here is let you down.

Mal: I don't think anyone is supposed to have all the answers. But you can count on your friends to help you find them.

[Then Flain Thanked Mal]

Flain: I think you already have. C'mon! We need to get out of here!

[They tried to open the door, But it wouldn't budge, Then the doors open revealing to be Vulk, Zorch and Mike]

Flain: Hey guys!

Vulk: Sorry I took so long. I had to find somebody who wasn't under the sirens' spell to help me get you out.

[DJ Pon 3 (EG) Appears]

Flain: Why isn't she under their spell?

Mike: Never takes off her headphones.

Shuff (EG): Come on, y'all! Time to prove we've still got the magic of friendship inside us!

Duncan (Total Drama): Then let's do it!

Flain: And there's only one way to do it!

Zaptor (EG): We're getting the band back together?

Gobba (EG): We're getting our band back together!

Volectro (EG): Whee!

Magnifo (EG): Ooh, which version of the counter-spell are we going to play?

Mike: How should we know?

Krader (EG): Easy.

Flain: I don't think it matters what song we play, as long as we play it together as friends.

Jawg (EG): I know just the song. Flurr's written a really great one.

Flurr (EG): [Squee]

Seismo (EG): We're about to save the world here. Personally, I think we should do it in style. Magnifo?

Magnifo (EG): I thought you'd never ask!

[Magnifo Brings the 27 Mixel Dramas Clothes]

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