Here is how Yuna, Nyx and Gromit were ambushed by Jacques in Werewolf vs Werecat Part 2.

As Yuna and Nyx search for Wallace.

Princess Yuna: Lawrence Talbot is counting on us to use the antidote on Wallace.

Nyx: This could not get any worse.

Jacques: (growls) Surprise!

Nyx: It got worse!

Princess Yuna: Jacques!

Jacques: I'll take of y'all later! (takes Yuna and Nyx and locked them up in a cage and left)

Nyx: This is not good.

Princess Yuna: Wallace could be out there somewhere.

Nyx: What should we do now?

With the others.

Stuart Little: Oh dear, I don't like the looks of this.

Fluttershy: How'll we get out of here?

Olaf: (gets an idea) Guys, I think I have an idea.

Twilight Sparkle: What's your plan, Olaf?

Olaf: I'll use my arms to untie us from the Voodoo waxed dolls.

Sassy: Are you crazy? That's no way you can do this, Olaf.

Snowbell: She's right, It's Impossible.

Twilight Sparkle: Vanellope, Can you go and find Yuna and the others?

Vanellope von Schweetz: No problem, Twilight.

Rarity: Be careful.

Olaf: (unties the ropes with his arms) Got it, We're free!

Delilah: Let go, Hurry!

Chance: We're out of here!!!

Jaden: We have to warn Yuna!

Jeffrey Dragonheart: And fast!

Princess Luna: I hope she and her friends are alright.

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