Here's how Jafar's plan goes in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar.

[Meanwhile, far out on Agrabah]

Thug: Hey, guys I found a lamp!

Thug 2: Ah, it's useless! [throws it away]

[but then the lmap hits a rcok and then it turned out Jafar!]

Jafar: I'm free!

[The 2 thugs run off horrified]

Jafar: Now to retreive my Orcs and then soon, the world is mine! [cackles]

[Then Princess Celestia wakes up horrified]

Princess Celestia: Oh no, he's back!

Princess Luna: Tia, are you alright?!

Princess Celestia: Luna, gather everyone up, equestria, Berk, and everywhere else and find Princess Jasmine! We're all in danger!

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