Jake Vallory

Jake Vallory is a new friend of Dan's after his arrival at his new town. He has a powerful presence, because he's big for his age. He's very calm, but can get overly excited and obsessive. He is a Subterra brawler and his Bakugan partner is Coredem. He is just starting out as a brawler and still was asked to join the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He really admires Dan and likes to use his name and rhymes it with other words like, " Dan the Man with the big, brown van." which sometimes irritates Dan. Later on when the brawlers are on Neathia Jake gets kidnapped and brainwashed but as of episode 34, it looks like Jake is coming back to his senses. But in Dream Escape he has a dream where Dan is shouting his name and it is then that he comes back to his senses and goes back to Neathia with the others.

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