James' Snowy Rescue is a new episode created by Transformersprimefan and co-directed by Ryantransformers017. 


When Philip becomes stranded in the snow, James has to come to his rescue.


Philip's Assignment

It is a snowy day on the Island of Sodor and nobody wants to go out into the big snowstorm ahead. Sir Topham Hatt arrives at the shunting yard and assigns Philip to head to the Clay Pits to pick up some china clay and deliver it to Brendam Docks. Philip heads off and does so. But Philip gets lost on his way back.

Philip is Missing!/The Search for Philip

When Thomas hears about Philip going missing, he tells his friends about it. James thinks about it. Ryan then assembles a rescue team to find Philip. James says no and if anyone is going out to find Philip, it's him. James is hiched with a snowplough and sets off to find Philip. Ryan hopes that James will be ok. James searched all over the Island. But he can't find Philip anywhere. He soon arrives at Brendam Docks. James checks his scanner for Philip's signature. Cranky asks James what he is doing. James says he's looking for Philip. Cranky tells


  • No one will help James in this episode.



  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic theme song

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