This is how James' dream/The journey to Bobblesburg goes in Thomas and Friends: Snowed Under.

[We see a big crowd gathered behind a fence, cheering]

Odette: Whoo-hoo!

Announcer: Can James do it, force-fans?

Sci-Ryan: Who are you cheering, Odette?

[Odette points at James, who has skis on his wheels and is waiting for the light to turn green]

Ryan F-Freeman: Go, James! Yeah!

Crash Bandicoot: You can do it!

[The light turns green and James races off]

Codylight Sparkle: Yeah! Now that's what I call speed!

Cody Fairbrother: You do? How did you follow Twilight's hoof steps?

Codylight Sparkle: Yeah.

[James races on but has several collisions and finally lands in a snowdrift]

Announcer: Oh! It's all over! He's snowed under!

[The title comes up: Thomas and Friends: Snowed Under. The scene is revealed to be a bad dream James is having]

James: Argh! Oh...

Sci-Ryan: [mutters] What happened? Is Rothbart the clown back?

James: Sci-Ryan! So sorry! I didn't wake you did I?

Sci-Ryan: It's ok. Man. Ever since that Swan Princess adventure, Cody got caught by that stupid clown Rothbart.

James: Sorry about that. It's just... I had a really bad dream.

Evil Ryan: What is it about? [to Sci-Ryan] You know, Sci-Ryan. Like me, Rothbart is a sorcerer.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. Although I call Rothbart a clown sometimes.

James: I let Thomas down.

Ryan F-Freeman: [jolts awake] What?

[Crash wakes up and yawns]

Crash Bandicoot: What did you say, James? I was having a most awesome dream.

James: I had this dream where I let Thomas down.

Ryan F-Freeman: Is it the Midnight Sparkle one or you getting snowed under?

James: Me getting snowed under.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh my... I hope Odette is still asleep. [to Odette] Odette? Wake up please.

[Odette wakes up]

Odette: Morning, Ryan. What's wrong with James?

Ryan F-Freeman: He had a bad dream about letting Thomas down.

[Odette gasps]

James: [sees what time it is] Oh, no! Look at the time!

[He races to wake up Thomas]

James: Thomas! Thomas!

Thomas: [snores but then jolts awake] Oh, no! Look at the time! [goes outside] Sorry, guys! My alarm didn't go off!

Evil Ryan: It's ok. Nether does mine.

[Ryan nods]

Crash Bandicoot: Where's Cody and Sci-Twi?

Ryan F-Freeman: They are at the harbor. Thank Primus, James had a nightmare.

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