This is how the James is boastful (Somebody Has to Be the Favourite) scene goes in Jimmy Neutron's Adventures of Journey Beyond Sodor.


[We see some squirrels in a tree]

[We hear Thomas' whistle]

[The squirrels scurry down the tree and join bunnies and birds as Thomas comes into view]

Thomas: Whoo-hoo! [laughs] Hello, bunnies! Hello, squirrels! Hello, birds! Hello, trees! Hello, sky!

Thomas: [hears Lightning, Cruz and Scoop approaching] Hello, Lightning. Hello, Cruz. Hello, Scoop.

Lightning: Hey, Thomas, old pal.

Cruz Ramirez: Hey, old buddy.

Scoop: Hello, Thomas.

[They approach Knapford]

Thomas: Oh what a lovely day! It's bright, and sunny, and everybody on Sodor seems happy!

Lightning: It sure is, Thomas!

Thomas: Don't days like this make you feel like... bursting into song!

[gears up to sing, but James appears] 

[Somebody Has to be the Favourite: James Version, Verse 1]

James: Somebody has to be the favourite! 

The one that everybody wants to see!

Thomas: [spoken] James!

James: Somebody has to be better than the rest!

Somebody has to be so good that they're the best!

Somebody has to be the favourite

Somebody has to be me!

[He enters Knapford Station]

[Spoken] Here's James! [laughs]

[Thomas enters, followed by Lightning, Cruz, Ben, Gwen and Max]

Thomas: You're not the favourite, James!

James: Of course I am, Thomas! Ask anybody!

Thomas: No, you're not!

Gwen Tennyson: And anyway, Thomas was going to sing a song, then; Not you!

James: Well, he can go ahead and sing if he wants to, Gwen. I'm not stopping him. [shouting to make everyone hear him] Quiet, everybody! [EVERYONE STOPS] Thomas wants to sing a song!

Thomas: Oh... [hesitates] No, James, I'm not...

[Thomas looks at a little girl holding a balloon, who smiles.]

Thomas: Oh, OK...

[He gears up to sing, but then, James blows his whistle and starts singing again, and everyone starts dancing along, apart from Lightning McQueen, who stares with his mouth agape, and Ben, Gwen, and Max, who quickly cover their ears]

[Somebody Has to be the Favourite: James Version, Verse 2]

James: Sometimes you have to blow your whistle!

To let the other engines know you're near!

Sometimes you have to make a racket and to shout!

In order to ensure that they're not left in any doubt!

Somebody has to be the favourite!

Say hello! The favourite is here!

[Philip stops]

Phillip: Hello, James!

[At Knapford, Ben, Gwen and Max have their ears covered]

Gwen Tennyson: Is it over?

Ben Tennyson: I can't tell; I have my ears covered.

James: A goods train?! A GOODS TRAIN?!! A- [stops and realizes]

James: That's a great job, Thomas!

Ben Tennyson: What?

James: What an adventure!

Lofty: He's gonna sing again, isn't he?

[Somebody Has to be the Favourite: James Version, Verse 3]

James: Somebody has to be the favorite!

That's just the way it is, you must agree!

Some get to see the world and travel far away!

While other engines have a place they always have to stay!

Somebody has to be the favorite!

Somebody has to be me!

Somebody has to be me!

[Song ends as James puffs off]

Annie: [scoffs] Don't even listen to him, Thomas. He's only teasing!

Clarabel: Again!

Max Tennyson: [sighs] He's not teasing, Annie and Clarabel. James has become exceedingly boastful as of late.

Gwen Tennyson: Honestly, what does he think this is; a popularity contest?

Lofty: Technically, with James, everything on Sodor is, Gwen.

Scoop: Except the popularity contest. [motions to a Popularity contest poster, with James' name written on it.]

Gwen Tennyson: Well, that makes one of us.

Cruz: [singing] Somebody has to be the favourite,

The one that everybody wants to see!

Lightning: Oh no, Cruz, not you too!

Cruz: You have to admit, Mr McQueen, the song is quite catchy. [drives off singing]

Max Tennyson: [sighs] I think we preferred it when James had his coaches taken away.

Ben Tennyson: [noticing Sir Topham Hatt] Thomas, Topham's