Winston: Now, really, Jenny. We can't just take in a stray off the street. But look at the poor thing.

Jenny: Winston, he's half starved. 

Winston: (Grunting) Ah. I know you're growing attached to the little fellow, but do try to understand. Your parents left me responsible for you. 

Jenny: They won't mind. Really. Don't worry, kitty. I'll take care of you. 

Winston: Georgette is not going to like this. Rise and shine, Georgette. Your public awaits.  

(Georgette yawning) 

Georgette: (Gasps, then sings) Girl, we've got work to do 

Pass me the paint 

And glue 

Perfect isn't easy 

But... it's... me 

When one knows the world is watching 

One does what one must 

Some minor adjustments darling 

Not for my vanity but for humanity 

Each little step a pose 

See how the breeding shows 


Sometimes it's too much for even me 

But when all the world says yes 

Then who am I to say no 

Don't ask a mutt to strut like a showgirl 

No, girl ya need a pro 

(Birds twittering) 

Not a flea or a flaw 

Take a peek at that paw 


Perfection becomes me 

Ne c'est pas 



I'm beauty unleashed 


Jaws drop 

Hearts stop 

So classic and classy 

We're not talkin'


Aaa Aaa Ooo Ooo 

(Dogs howling) 

(Georgette barking) 

Georgette: (continues singing) Though many covet my bone and bowl 

They're barkin'up the wrong tree 

You pretty pups all over the city 

I have your hearts and you have my pity 

Pretty is nice but still it's just pretty 

Perfect, my dears 

Is me 


Jenny: Wait 'til you taste this. It's a secret recipe I just invented. 

(Dishes clattering, Bell Rings) 

Winston: What on earth... My goodness! Jenny! Don't you think a tin of kitty chow would have sufficed? 

Jenny: Nonsense. He'll love this. 

Winston: Now, young lady. I really think we should've waited until your parents... (Egg cracking) Eeew! (Phone ringing) Oh, bother! And for ze kitty, the house specialty. (Phone ringing) Oeufs a la Jenny avec Cocoa Krispies. Mmm. 

Winston: Jenny, it's your parents! 

Jenny: Yeah! Wait 'til I tell 'em! Oh, yes, sir. I do assure you everything is absolutely hunky...  

Winston: Georgette, I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Uh, everything's fine here. They're gonna be so excited. Here she is now. 

Georgette: (Gasps) A cat! What is the meaning of this? Bark, bark. Winston! Bark, bark, bark. [Seething] I guess I'll have to handle this myself. Hello. 

Kitten: Hello. 

Georgette: I, um, hope you won't think me rude, but do you happen to know... out of whose bowl you're eating? 

Kitten: Yours? 

Georgette: Ooo. Aren't you a clever kitty? And do you have any idea whose home this is? 

Kitten: I... thought it was Jenny's. 

Georgette: Well, it may be Jenny's house, but everything from the doorknobs down is mine! 

Jenny: Oh, Georgette. I see you've met Oliver. Isn't he cute? I've got great news. Mom and Dad just said I could keep him. I'm sure you two are gonna be the best of friends. 

(Georgette chuckling)

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