Jenny the tram engine
is another one of Hiatt Grey's engines. And she's Rachel's little sister. And she's painted yellow with black stripes.


Jenny is Rachel's sister, and unlike her sister she likes getting dirty and don't mind the freight cars. At first, Jenny used to have wooden brake blocks, after her crash she got new ones.


Jenny loves to have fun and she's Puffer's best friend. Whenever they don't have work, they would play with freight cars. She doesn't mind getting dirty and well take on any job she's given. She also shows Hugs some respect.


  • Jenny made her first appearance in A Day Out with Hiatt Grey's Engines.
  • Jenny also gets attracted by bees easily, because the bees think Jenny is a bee. And sometimes they might attracted to Rachel.
  • Jenny is also to have achluophobic (fear of the dark).