(At Sykes' warehouse)

Tito: Oh, man. It don't look good.

Francis: It's all locked up, Dodger.

Dodger: All right. There's gotta be some way in. (Looks up at the window and looks down at the things, so he has an idea) Yeah. Francis. 

(Jenny whimpering) 

Sykes: (tying the knots around her wrists) Now, don't cry, little girl. They only eat when I tell them to. 

(Sykes chuckles)  

Dodger: Francis, you all set? 

Francis: Farewell, Dulcinea. 

All: Francis! 

Francis: Peasants. 

Dodger: Maestro? (Drum roll) Ready, kid? 

Oliver: Yeah. 

Dodger: Go!  

Francis: (jumps onto the board) Oof! 

(Oliver inside the football flies through the window)  

Sykes: Roscoe. DeSoto. 

(Both snarling)  

(Dogs growling) 

(Oliver gasps) 

(DeSoto sniffing and growling) 

Roscoe: Come on, DeSoto. 

(The dogs walks) 

Slyly: (in Timon's voice, whispering} So what's your plan for tricking these dogs?

Franklin: (in Simba's voice) Live bait.

Slyly: (in Timon's voice) Good idea. (Realizing) Heeey.

Franklin: (in Simba's voice) Come on, you guys have to create a diversion.

Slyly: (in Timon's voice in incredulous) What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula? (Camera switch to Slyly in a hula outfit. The music sung is The Hawaiian War Chant much like the Spike Jones arrangement.) Luau! If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy

Eat my buddy Pumbaa here because he is a treat

Come on down and dine

On this tasty swine

All you have to do is get in line

Aaaare you achin'

(Leonard: in Pumbaa's voice) Yup, yup, yup)

Foooor some bacon?

(Leonard: in Pumbaa's voice) Yup, yup, yup)

Heeee's a big pig

(Leonard: in Pumbaa's voice) Yup, yup)

You could be a big pig too.


(They run off screaming to lead the dogs away)

Bear: (to Oliver in Mr. Tumnus' voice) Now go. Go.

(Oliver runs to open the air door) 

Tito: Hey, hey, hey! There is a lady present. 

Georgette: Well, it's nice to see that one of you has some manners. 

Tito: After you, my little croissant. 

Francis: Good grief. 

(Franklin, his friend and the dogs walks downstairs) 

Dodger: (Whispering) And remember, quiet. 

(Georgette yelps) 

(Both snarling) 

Georgette: Oh! I broke a nail. 

Francis: Oh, balderdash. 

Tito: What'd you call my woman, man? 

Dodger: Freeze! 

(The camera whirring) 

Dodger: Yo, Tito. 

Tito: Right. I'll check it out. (Electrical crackling) Uuhrr! 

Sykes: (Chuckling) Yeah. Oh, that's funny, Mr Winston. But I don't think you really appreciate the situation. Somebody could get hurt. Just get the old man on the phone and tell him it's about his daughter... Jenny. 

Dodger: Listen up. Tito, Francis, I want you... 

(Fades to whisper)

DeSoto: Where did that white fox and that polar bear go to?

(Roscoe sniffs)

DeSoto: You smell that? 

Roscoe: (Sniffs) Yeah. Heh-heh! It's party time. 

(DeSoto growls) 

(The dogs uses things and put them around them as a disguise)


Sykes: What the... Didn't order any pizza. 

Tito: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!  

Sykes: (opening the door) Where are those dogs? 

(Dodger and Oliver go into the room) 

(Oliver meowing)  

Jenny: Oh, Oliver! I thought I'd never see you again. 

(Tito and Francis shouting) 

(The dogs snarling and chuckling) 

Francis: Ahem... gentlemen. 

DeSoto: What's the occasion? Come to rescue your little friend? 

Roscoe: Say goodbye, Francis.  

Georgette: Oh, boys! (lets go the rope and drops the cloth on them) Whoopsy-daisy!  

Tito: All right! What a woman! 

(Francis, Einstein, Georgette, Rita and Tito go into the room) 

(Franklin and friends run into the room) 

Dodger: Francis, you keep an eye on the monitors. Rita, over here. 

(Rita unties the ropes) 

(The dogs grunting) 

Sykes: What is this, a slumber party? Get goin', ya stupid mutts!  

Dodger: Francis, is the coast clear? Francis!  

(Francis watches the ballet on TV but Dodger changes the channel to where Sykes and the dogs are coming) 

Francis: Goodness! 

Rita] What're we gonna do, Dodge? 

Dodger:Yo, Tito, hot-wire.  

Tito: Hey, no way, Dodger, man. I've been barbecued too many times, man. 

Georgette: Good luck, Alonzo. 

Tito: Huh? 

Georgette: I'll be waiting. 

Tito: Hey! (sings) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho  

It's off to work we go 

(His jumps on the things to get to the electronics)  

Sykes: (Handle jiggling) What is this? (The door knocking) All right, girlie. Open the door.  


Sykes: Come on, now. Girlie, I'm warnin'ya. 

(Glass crashing) 

Dodger: Come on, Tito. 

Rabbit: (in Nigel's voice) Everybody hold on! 

Sykes: You just... Back up. DeSoto. Come on! 

(The dogs barking) 

Sykes: Come on! 

Tito: Yaaah! 

(Sykes grabs an ax and chops the electronics) 

(Tito screaming) 

(Franklin and friends scream and the dogs shouting, barking) 

Sykes: (Chuckling) This has all been very entertaining. But the party is over. 

(Horn honking)  

Fagin: (Babar: We're coming, kids!) Ow-oh-oh-ow! Uuh! Come on! Come on, come on! Let's go! 

(The dogs barking) 

Sykes: Fagin!  

Lady Rataxes: (in Ma's voice) Y'know, Something's different about Slyly...

Basil: (in Uncle Max's voice) You think? (frantic) He's wearin' a dress!

Tito: Heh-heh! Hey, man, you're ugly! And you're uglier than him! And you're Ugly, Part! Hey, you're Revenge of the Ugly!   

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