Jennifer Alice "Jenny" Williams is a 23-year-old woman who uses her knowledge to help others when they are in trouble. 
Look Ahead


Jenny has brown hair and brown eyes. She speaks with an Australian accent, although it sometimes has a little bit of New York in it.


Jenny is tomboyish, smart, confident, and loyal. 

Even though she's quite calm and stoic, she also has a cheerful, humorous side. Jenny also has a sense of quick-thinking ingenuity, and she can come up with plans very quickly.

Jenny is intelligent, compassionate, and rational. She's known to be extremely "genre savvy". She has a savvy brain and useful research techniques. Jenny's best skills are her mental intellect and persistence. During the situations she gets into, she is able to get out using her quick and clever thinking. She thinks very logically and rational compared to those around her, and she displays a high level of intelligence and maturity. Jenny has a great level of academic intelligence. She's very resourceful and she has the ability to outwit others.


  • She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

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