Man On TV: Now for $ ...

Rita: Where's the kid? 

Dodger: We tailed him all the way up the Park. (Panting) We never had a chance. 

Tito: You should see this place. There's gotta be 200 people livin' there.  

Rita: We can't let the kid take the heat for us. 

Tito: Yeah, man. If we don't get him, they're gonna torture that kid. 

Francis: What in heaven's name are we waiting for? 

Einstein: But what about Fagin? 

(Fagin show the man a watch with his embarrassing smile) 

Francis: Alas, our beleaguered benefactor, bearing the brunt of our futile endeavours.  

Tito: Gimme a break. Speak English, Frankie. 

Francis: Francis. Francis. Francis! 

Dodger: All right, cool it! Now we got work to do. First, we'll spring the kid. Then we'll take care of the old man. All right? 

Tito: Yeah! That's right, man! He's family. He's blood. 

Francis: Hear! Hear! 

Dodger: Okay, troops. Our mission begins at daybreak. Einstein, go up to the door. Francis, you're our... 

(Meanwhile, at Jenny's house) 

(The kitten jumps onto Jenny) 

(Jenny giggles) 

Winston: Oh, Jennifer. I don't hear any practising. 

Jenny: All right, Winston. I gotta practise now, kitty. (Playing piano before the kitten discordants note) Ooh, you wanna practise too. 

You and me together 

Will be... forever 

You'll see 

We two can be good company 

You and me 

Yes, together we two 

Georgette: Hmph! 

Jenny: Together 

That's you  

Forever with me 

We'll always be good company 

You and me 

Yes, together we'll be 

(The screen fades to where Jenny and the kitten are in the park) 

(The kitten touches the reflection of a leaf while she rows a boat) 

(Birds twittering) 

(Jenny plays the fence with a stick) 

(The man with his wife walk and then stop and he looks at her) 

(She curtsies and the kitten bows) 

(The man tips his to her and leaves with his wife) 

(Jenny buys an ice cream for the kitten and herself) 

(At the pond, the kitten licks the ice cream and his nose gets messy) 

(The driver drives the cab and Jenny and the kitten rides on it) 

(At the store, the woman offers her a bowl with a name, "Oliver" on it and a tag for the kitten) 

(Jenny ties the collar around his neck and the same name, "Oliver" and the address, 1125 5th Avenue on the tag shows up and that' his name) 

(He jumps at Jenny and hugs her) 

(At night, at Jenny's house) 

(Jenny put her pajamas on) 

Jenny: You and me together 

Will be... forever 

You'll see 

We'll always be good company 

You and me 

Just wait and see 

(talks) Good night, Oliver. 

(Winston turns off the light and closes the door) 

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