This is how the heroes find Jeremie’s Journal in Code Lyoko: The Lost Laboratory.

[We view Tino, and then Twilight Sparkle comes in]

Twilight: Hey Tino! I found something.

Tino: [takes the object] (reading) "To Tino Tonitini". Twilight, did you bring this package in here?

[Twilight does so and Tino looks at the object]

Tino: I wonder what it is.

[Tino then removes the covering and its Jeremie’s Journal!]

Tino: It... It can't be. It's Jeremie’s Journal! Pinkie Pie, you found the King's Journel! Thank You! [hugs Pinkie Pie] This journal could lead us to the virtual called Lyoko.

Twilight: Lyoko? What’s Lyoko?

Tino: We've got to show this to the others!

[With the others]

[Tino explain about Pinkie Pie finding the book]

Thomas: So now, we can find Lyoko!

Twilight: [her eyes gleam with amazement as she wears a really cute face] We're gonna find a world of Lyoko! This is gonna so great!

Brian: We can be explorers!

Tish: We can be on television!

Sunset Shimmer: [hugs Tino] We could be in history!

Carver: We can be rich!

Rainbow Dash: This is fantastic! We're going on an adventure to find the lost kingdom!

Pinkie Pie: Oh, how we envy ourselves, not everyone has the chance to go on quest to locate the virtual world.

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