Jerry Seinfeld's Adventures of Rainbow is a upcoming film Created by Brucesmovies1

Jerry Seinfeld's Adventures of Rainbow (1995)

Jerry Seinfeld's Adventures of Rainbow


  • When a colourful rainbow appears after a particularly stormy school day, Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza, Newman, Oliver, Dodger, Rita, Lady, Tramp and Roger Rabbit meets youngsters Tissy, Mike, Pete and Steve team up and embark on the adventure of a lifetime - the search for the end of the rainbow and the promise of gold and riches beyond all imagination. With a little help and a lot of effort they achieve the impossible - finding and riding the multi-coloured arc to its prosperous end, but the gold they remove from the rainbow's end sets them off on a completely new adventure, one fraught with danger, suspense and the threat of a future world totally devoid of colour and warmth.


  • Bill Sykes, Jack Frost, Madam Mim, Lady Tremaine, Messala, Falcon, Dr. Evil, Miss Hannigan and Buster will work with Sheriff Wyatt Hampton.

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