Character image 360x480 Jestro

Jestro is a villain from LEGO NEXO Knights. He is the cohort of Monstrox.


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Before his corruption, Jestro had white skin, a black cape, and purple and teal striped clothing; including a jester hat.

After his corruption, Jestro remained white-skinned, but the teal on his clothing changed to red. He also gained a skull necklace, his clothing became tattered, and his eyes and teeth turned yellow. His twisted smile was complete with lipstick.




  • (after Ryvine turns him evil and ask if he's ok) Ok? Ok?! I'm worse then ok. I'm terrible! The darkness in me is good. I will make Starlight Glimmer pay for what she did to me! You wanted me bad again? I'm thinking I'm BAD again!

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