Jimmy Z-0
Jimmy Z always wears a gray, short sleeved shirt with a video game character emblazoned on the front over a long sleeved shirt and plaid shorts. He also wears a green baseball cap backwards. He has a sparse goatee growing in.

Jimmy is the pilot of Tortuga HQ. Though young, Jimmy is an experienced pilot. Jimmy Z is often unsure about animals, so he asks the rest of the Wild Kratts crew about them. He is shown to be nervous and highly anxietic, especially about losing his joystick controller. He uses it to teleport items to the Kratts when they are away, and also for playing video games. He most often helps Aviva invent by handing her the items she needs as she works, and usually has hilarious results when he helps her test the prototype, like a the that turned his hair green in "Fireflies". He is most often seen eating pizza or sleeping, and worries about the nutrition of others (such as teleporting the Kratts sandwiches in "Mom of a Croc", and attempting to give Aviva a pizza slice in "Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy").


  • Connor Lacey and Pals will meet Jimmy Z and his friends in Connor Lacey meets Tarzan.