Here's how Joe and his friends find Lockdown's residences in Wrath of the Century.

[we then view the camera, which is still filming, but then it stops]

Joe: [is walking aroundand finds Preston and Martin throwing up] Guys.

Preston: I'm okay.

Joe: Martin, are you okay?

Martin: [gives a thumbs up]

Preston: I think I'm having a heart attack. And I have a scrape!

Cary: Joe! Guys, did you see those explosions?!

Joe: You guys seen Alice?

Cary: That was unbelieveable!

[Joe sees some blood as Alice reveals she's unharmed]

Alice: What's all that blood? What's that blood? Did someone get hurt?

[Joe goes for the blood showing a box]

Joe: It's my fake blood! It's fake!

Carey: Guys, get up here you can see everything from up here!

MArtin: according to my uncle, an accident like this is extremely rare.

Joe Lamb: It wasn't an accident. There was a transformer on the train tracks.

Carey: What you serious?

Charles: Like on the tracks?

[then we hear a squeaking sound]

[they look and see something approaching on the unharmed rails]

Joe: Who's there?

[then it comes clearer and it's Spongebob and Blackie on a handcar]

Joe: Spongebob! Blackie!

Spongebob: Guys! What happened here?

Charles: A train crashed here! And there was a transformer on the tracks!

Blackie: Bother!

Spongebob: That was close for the passengers too!

Blackie: Yeah, no one was driving it!

Charles: Wait, no one was driving that train?!

Blackie: Yeah! The Cavendish Gang raided and shot out the crew!

Joe: [sees some lights] Guys. Look.

Cary: We shouldn't be here.

Spongebob: Come on! We need to get out of here!

[they grab all the film equipment and then take off in Alice's car]

[A strange creature then appears and grabs some of the film with his claws]

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