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The Dark Spawn lord of intelligence

Joe the fish was the main antagonist of Winnie the Pooh Shouts Help! I'm a Fish, set to arrive in the future.

once, he was like your basic cleaner fish, until a potion granted him intelligence and gave him the ability able to speak, however, it also corrupted him and twisted his heart to evil. With this in mind, Joe created a fish empire made of intelligent fishes made by his potion and set out to control the very ocean itself. However, his sea domination plans were foiled by the combined efforts of Pooh and some fishes who were really humans.

Afterwards, in the spongebob adventures series, after his soul ended up in the banish realms, Malefor made him his adviser, and the dark spawn lord of intellect and dark knowledge, making him the smartest dark spawn among the other native dark spawn warriors who usually are as smart as your basic heartless.

he was briefly freed from the banished realms, before banished again by Gurgi's sacrivive.

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