Here's how John meets up with the remaining droids in The Beginning of the Chronicles II.

[we now veiw Sailor John going to a factory]

[he then stops outside]

Sailor John: I'll be back Skiff. [hops off him and heads inside]

[inside droids are constructing some droids]

Sith Droid #2: Sir, our contact has arrived.

Sith Droid 1: Let him in.

[they open the doors and John comes in, but not very happy.]

Sith Droid 1: You're okay sir?

Sailor John: YOU SCALLY WAGS!! You wanna kill the foal, right now?!

Sith Droid #1: What? No!

Sith Driod #2: Yeah!

Sith Droid #4: Sir!

Sailor John: Then why did you send out some of your troops to try kill her then?!

Sith Droid #1: I didn't send anyone out!

Sith Driod #2: Neither did I!

Sith Droid #4: Don't look at me!

Sailor John: I do't care who did! We went over the plan several times! I get the foal and then bring her to you! How hard is it to follow that plan?! UNDERSTAND!?

Sith Droids: YES! WE GOT IT!!

Sailor John: Good. Now, I'm gonna go retreive that foal, and do not send anymore troops out!

Sith droid 1: Yes sir!

[Sailor John then leaves as the 3 driod look to the 3rd Driod]

Sith Droid #3: What?

Sith Droid #2: "What", what? 

Sith Droid #1: You idiot! With you sending those troops, you'll blow our cover!

Sith Droid #4: [growling] How many of our troops did you send out?!

Sith Droid #3: Uh, 6?

Sith Droid #2: Why you.. [grabs him by the neck] YOU IMBECILE!!! (slams him against the wall) YOU'RE IMPANTENTNESS WILL BLOW OUR COVER!!! WE WANTED THIS TO BE DISCREAT!!!

Sith Droid #3: I'm sorry, I just really wanna kill that foal who killed our master!

Sith Droid #1: I know you do! We all do! But we can't just send our troops out to do it! Then our plan will fail! If you so much as send anymore out, we'll kill you!

Sith droid #3: [groans] Fine!

Sith Droid: [points his blaster at his chest] We mean it!

Sith Droid #3: Okay, okay, don't get your blasters in a twist!

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