Jonah Was a Prophet is a song in Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.


When I was a boy I went to church back home in Arizona And it was there I learned the tale of a man whose name was Jonah now Jonah was a prophet, but that's not why he's remembered They tell the tale, Cause in a whale he nearly was dismembered!

Jonah was a prophet oo-ooh! but he really never got it sad but true! and if you watch him you can spot it a-doodley-doo! he did not get the point!

Compassion and mercy from me to you and you to me exactly what god wants to see and yes that is the point!


Jonah went out on a ship to sail Got caught up in a dreadful gale Got eaten up by a giant whale there is no more to be said now poor old Jonah and now he's all alone-ah got to use a megaphone-ah to get it through to his head-HEY!


now during your life you prob'ly don't ride on a camel and you prob'ly won't wake up inside a large aquatic mammal but now in your life there is something you can do everyone deserves a second chance to come from you!

Compassion and merc from me to you and you to me Exactly what god wants to see and yes that is the point!



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