This how Jonny and Plank taking the bus and the At the Swamp goes Thomas, Twilight, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy's Big Picture show.

[A bus pulls up to the curb. It's doors open and we see our heroes, ready to venture into the world so they may find and defeat the villainous scumbags Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Once Captain Melonhead sees the inside of the bus, though, his courage wavers.]

Captain Melonhead: "Whoa."

[Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonderwood climb aboard and nervously deposit five quarters into the collection box. He is about to take a seat when the bus moves forward, sending him tumbling into a man's legs.]

Captain Melonhead: "Oh! Sorry mister." [quieter] "Buses sure pack a wallop, huh Plank."

[Splinter the Wonderwood is nowhere to be found.]

Captain Melonhead: [scared] "Plank!?!?" [He begins to search for his sidekick.] "Buddy? Quit freaking me out, Plank!" [He stumbles into a woman's rump.] "Oh! Sorry! Excuse me! Pardon me! Has anybody seen my pal?"

[Captain Melonhead stumbles through a veritable jungle of legs, looking all over for his best friend. When he makes it to the front, he clings to a pole for dear life. However, when our brave captain looks at the driver, he sees an unexpected sight.]

Captain Melonhead: "Plank! Was that you?"

[Splinter the Wonderwood has commandeered the bus. The destination name changes from 160 Downtown to VENGEANCE. Splinter steers the bus downtown as Captain Melonhead joyfully rejoices in finding his friend again.]


[with our heroes]

[The duck boat sits in a swamp, its neck broken and its body abandoned. As we watch, it lifts it's head a few inches before dropping the beak back into the murky water. It does this again. And the raft is in ruin]

Zoe Trent: [moaning] I can't believe it! We've hit yet another road block! And it had to be a dirty one of all things!

Eddy: [annoyed] "Where's your fauna now, Mr. Duck Boat?"

Edd: "The collision was unavoidable, Eddy! It was the unpredictable current that proved unfavorable!"

Mako: [to the rest of our heroes] I'm sorry guys, I couldn't avoid that rock and tree!

Shining Armor: It's alright, Mako.

Pinkie Pie: It couldn't be helped.

Twilight Sparkle: Where are we?

Eddy: [slapping a mosquito] "Unbelievable! All I know is we're stuck in a swamp off the middle of nowhere!" [He uses his shirt as a bandana.] "Big bro ain't gonna be impressed." [He slaps another mosquito.]

Mako: Not even with my act as a boat motor.

Sunil Nevla: I knew we should've built a sail on that raft.

Wreck-it Ralph: If only Felix was here. He could've fixed the boat and raft easy!

Russell Ferguson: It won't do us any good now. Without any paddles we can't really control our direction.

Penny Ling: In other words, we're up the creak without a paddle.

Edd: [on the edge] "Is that what you think? That I'm here to impress your brother?" [Ed crawls from the swamp.] "That I would forsake my home and family for something as trivial as–"

Ed: "Buttered toast!" [He dives into the water.]

Edd: [on a new tack] "Perhaps we should talk about you and Ed's immature behavior. I'm sure he'd like to hear about that. Well I'll have you know, if it hadn't been for my–"

Ed: "Crocodile attack!"

Eddy: "Ed?"

[Ed leaps on Eddy, pretending to be a crocodile.]

Eddy: "He's a mean one!" [play-fighting with Ed] "Ah-ha!" [He laughs as he runs away from Ed.]

Ed: [giving chase] "I will chomp you!"

Mako: Don't worry Eddy, I'll hunt that croc for you! [gives chase]

Thomas: Come back here!

Percy: Wait up!

Sharky: Mako! Wait!

Edd: [worried] "Wait! Where are you three going?" [He goes after them, tiptoeing from tiny island to tiny island.] "Oh dear. A malodorous marsh is not a place to play, gentlemen! Do you hear me?" [He reaches solid ground.]

Blythe Baxter: Yeah, there could be leeches in these waters!

Zoe Trent: Leeches?! [screams as she races onto solid ground] Next to fleas, leeches are so disgusting! I HATE LEECHES!!

[Edd walks through the swamp until he reaches a dock. He heaves himself up onto it. Water drips off of him, and he slips on it. Edd makes a label reading "Caution", slaps it on a puddle, and continues walking.]

Princess Cadance: Come back, guys!

Rarity: Where are you guys?

Eddy: "Over here, Sockhead, hey!" [Edd turns to him.] "Help me out of this molasses, it's trying to swallow me."

Mako: Hey guys! I'm shrinking!

[Ed, Eddy, and Mako are sinking in quicksand.]

Ed: "Wiggle my toes, wiggle my toes."

Edd: [sweating] "Make no sudden movements. You're sinking in QUICKSAND!!!!"

Eddy: [scared] "Quicksand? Ed! We're done for!" [He hugs his friend.]

Mako: No! I'm too young to die! There's so many things I haven't done yet!

Ed: "We are so in manure!"

Eddy: "Immature, stupid, immature QUICK ED! We're really sinking now!"

Ed: [going under] "To all the girls I loved before."

Eddy: "No! Ed!" [He pulls his friend out.] "Hang on, man!"

Mako: Don't give up guys!

Ed: "Help! Help!"

Eddy: "Double D! Do something!"

Mako: HELP!! HELP!!

Applejack: Hold on!

Sharky: Mako! Don't struggle! You'll only sink quicker!

Pinkie Pie: Don't worry, Mako!

Mucker: Hang on! We'll getcha out!

Mako: It's no good guys, it's too late now.

Vanellope: No guys! Don't let it beat you! Stay with us!!

Dusty Crophopper: Please come back!

Edd: [creating a rope from vines as his friends cry for help] "Stay calm, don't panic."

Mucker: Don't worry Mak, I'm coming! [Mucker starts crossing the quicksand and having treads, he doesn't sink]

Mako: It's been nice knowing you guys.

Edd: '[finishing] "I got it!" [He tosses it in the sand.] "Quickly, take hold of that–"

[Edd stops talking. The rope lands on top of the sand. His friends are no more.]

[Mucker is only 2 feet away from Mako, but Mako salutes and waves good bye, as he sinks completely]

Edd: "No. NO. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

Vanellope: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Pepper Clark: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Edd: [he and Mucker frantically search through the mud.] "Where are you? Eddy! Ed! Mako! Oh don't you give up on me! Answer me!" [He gives up and begins to cry.] "Please?"

Mucker: They're gone.

Fluttershy: [starts tearing up]

Pinkie: [her eyes well up with tears and she starts cyrying] WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! [crying]


Vanellope: [crying] We just lost our friends. [continues crying]

Zoe Trent: This is terrible! And we haven't even found Eddy's brother yet! [starts crying as she howls sadly]

Dusty Crophopper: He was the best shark ever.

Percy: Yeah.

Princess Cadance: Well, now. They're gone

Edd: "Why oh why did you listen to me? This is all my fault! I should have never let you leave the cul-de-sac!"

[As Edd cries, a handkerchief is held out to him. Edd reaches for it.]

Edd: "Thank you, Ed. Goodness, Ed, that's filthy."

[Edd's eyes bulge. Ed, Eddy, and Mako are in front of him, covered in mud but otherwise no worse for wear.]

Mucker: What the?

Eddy: [grinning] "Gotcha." [The three burst into laughter. Edd stands up.]

Mako: That was so good!

Eddy: "This muck's only ankle deep! Can't sink in it!"

Ed: "Got that right, Eddy! Because sinks are Mother Nature's own cereal bowl!"

Mucker: What? It can't be! There's no way you can pretend to sink in ankle deep sand! [feels in the ground] Wait, there's a sallow end and a deep-end! Clever.

[Edd turns around and walks off.]

Ed: "Got that right, Eddy! Because sinks are Mother Nature's own cereal bowl!" [Edd turns around and walks off.]

Dusty Crophopper: [gets an angry look] A joke?! What kind of joke was that?!


Russell Ferguson: Now you've gone too far!

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Double-D! Where ya going?

Eddy: "Hey Sockhead, where you going?" [disgruntled] "You got somewhere to be? What?"

Eddy: "Hey!" [He and Ed follow Edd.] "Where ya goin? You're headin back into the swamp!" [reaching for Edd's shoulder] "My bro don't live–"

Edd: [slapping his hand away] "Don't you dare touch me!" [releasing his repressed rage] "A sap? Well excuse my sincerity, but thinking I had lost the only two people I have left in this world–"

Eddy: [smiling, sure Edd's putting on an act] "And?"

Edd: [angrier] "It's surprising, because your stubborn, inane desire to shock, sandbag and swindle is what put us here in the first place!"

Ed: [indignant] "I helped too!"

[Edd turns to Ed angrily. Edd then turns back to Eddy and resumes his rant.]

Mako: Hey, wha, what's wrong?

Shining Armor: What's wrong?! Maybe you pulled off a joke that made us think that you died!!

Vanellope: Yeah, that wasn't funny you big buffoon! YOU HAD US WORRIED SICK!!

Mako: Wha? But, I...


Pepper Clark: Yeah! Not even I would stoop to playing a joke to mkae my best friends think I'm dead!

Charlie: Likewise.

James: Some jokes are funny but this one isn't! We really thought you had died!

Edward: Do you know how worried you made us?!

Edd: Yeah! Your idiotcy, has gone too far this time!!


Mako: But guys, I...


Edd: "You and your nefarious scams!"

Eddy: [angry as well] "Like you were picking daisies! You built the stupid thing!"

Edd: "If you had paid attention to what I said and not pushed the red button–" [They begin to grapple with each other.]

Ed: "Stop! I demand you tickle each other right now!"

Edd and Eddy: "Stay out of it, Ed!"

Ed: "The evil dark side has consumed them both! Trouble! Bad! Pain!"

[Edd and Eddy continue their quarrel]


[they stop]

Marshall P.F.: That's enough outta both of you! [puts his revolver back in his holster] Break it up!

Edd: "I've had enough!" [He kicks Eddy off.] "I'm returning home!"

Ed: "But we can't go home, Double D!"

Edd: "I'd rather face my consequences, Ed, than wander aimlessly with a so-called friend!"

[As he storms off, Eddy's eyes fill with tears.]

Ed: "Say it ain't so! We are three no more, Eddy! Like hop, skip, and no jump! Like up, up and no away! Like blah, blah without the other blah!"

J.J.: If you wanna go home, that's fine with us.

Steam Driller: Let's go salvage what we can from that raft.

Minka Mark: And then we can continue the journey from here!

[but then the ponies, save for the CMC are walking off too]

Steamy: What in blue blazes?

Evan: [drives in fornt of them] Hey, wha.. Where ya' goin'?

Shining Armor: We're going with Double-D, we'd rather not stick around an idiot shark, who makes us think he's died.

Applejack: Come on y'all. Let's go with Double-D.

[the ponies walk away]

Mako: [starts thinking about it, then starts welling up tears] OH, WHO AM I KIDDING?! That was a horrible joke! [starts crying] Well excuse me for trying to be a comedy shark, who ran away from home when he was called an idiot all the time!!!

Blythe and the pets: [gasp]

[the ponies stop after hearing it]

Mako: Yeah! You heard me! [crying] I was the laughing stock in my shark family! So I ran away! I didn't have any friends back then because they all thought me as an idiot! But now I'm friends with a pink, party pony, a purple tank engine who enjoys a joke, and a cute, comedian skunk! And I'm even best friends with the first engine ever built!

[the ponies look back with regret for what they said]

Mako: But I guess I'm an idiot for that too!! [crying] I'm sorry, guys! [weeps] I'll just go now. You guys would be better off without me anyway. Everyone would. [starts chuffing down the road]

Eddy: [snapping] FINE! GO HOME! I DON'T BLAME YA! 'CAUSE EVERYTHING WAS MY FAULT!" [bursting into tears]

Edd: [stops in his tracks]

Eddy: "YEAH, YOU HEARD ME! A FOUL-UP WANNABE LOSER!" [He cries. Edd turns back.]

Edd: "Eddy?"

Eddy: [sobbing] "What?"

Edd: "Your shirt, Eddy."

Eddy: [turning to face him, confused] "My shirt?"

Edd: [pointing at it] "Are those salt deposits from your lamentation?"

[Eddy looks down. Edd quickly thwacks his nose.]

Edd: "Gotcha!"

Ed: [cheering] "WE ARE FRIENDS ONCE MORE, GUYS!" [He hugs them close.]

Fluttershy: At least they've made up.

Vinnie Terrio: Uh guys? [points to Mako's direction]

[the whole group look at Mako, who is still chuffing away]

Stephen: [whistles and chuffs ahead of Mako] Mako! Wait!

[Mako stops]

Shining Armor: Mako. I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Applejack: We all like your jokes.

Rarity: We would of never said those things if we knew your past.

Pinkie Pie: We're so super sorry.

Dash: And you can't always be right...

Bash: ...all of the time.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Pepper Clark: [hops onto Mako's snout] Come on, man! I couldn't ever make any more jokes if you weren't with us.

Stephen: Mako, we don't want you to go. Please stay with us, best friend.

Mako: [thinking]

Zoe Trent: [walks in front of Mako and gives a sad puppy dog eyed look as she whimpers]

Mako: Alright Stephey, I'll stay. Besides, how can I say "no" to a cute face like that? [indicating Zoe's cute face]

Fluttershy: Yay.

Pinkie Pie: [hugs Mako] The party pony loves the comedy shark!

Mako: [returns the embrace but tighter than Pinkie's tightest hug as we can hear her bones popping] Oh, that's what I like to hear!! (lets her go)

[Pinkie's body is deformed from Mako's tight squeeze]

Zoe Trent: Wow, I guess mako sharks are a lot more stronger than earth ponies.

Pepper Clark: [snickers] Looks like the tight hugger just got tightly hugged for a change!

Pinkie Pie: [plops back to her normal self]

Dusty Crophopper: Well, what are we doing here?

Wreck-It Ralph: Let's go.

Ed: To Eddy's big bro's house! [he carries them on his shoulders.]

Edd: "Not that way, Ed." [He turns Ed in the right direction.] "This way."

Eddy: "You heard my pal, Ed!"

Edd: "What would you do without me, Eddy?"

Eddy: "Don't milk it, Sockhead."

Skarloey: Off we go! [whistles]

Pinkie Pie: [starts hopping off, singing] We're off to Eddy's brother, to help protect the Eds!

Mako: [joins in] Because Eddy's brother will protect him!

Minka Mark: And he'll give sancuary for their safe and soundness!

Mako, Minka Mark, and Pinkie Pie: We're off to Eddy's brother, to help protect the Eds!

Buttercream Sunday: [hums the tune as they go on]