Josee is a contestant on Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. Her teammate is Jacques.


Josee is a Canadian figure skater whose dream was to win gold at the Olympics. When she finally got the chance, she was dropped by her partner Jacques on the ice and the two became national embarrassments. They are conniving performers who signed up for the show to prove that they are still winners, and will do whatever it takes to guarantee a victory all while flashing a show-ready smile.

Josee is obsessed with gold and coming in first place. Even though she smiles all the time, she is shown to be very impatient as well as short-tempered and aggressive when things do not go her way. As the competition progresses, she and Jacques no longer try to hide their true nature and they become more ruthless, even willing to cheat, sabotage and even betray other teams to come in first. She is also known to be superstitious, as she carried around a lucky rabbit's foot until losing it in Transylvania, which she replaced with a piece of volcanic rock shaped like a trophy in Hawaii, unintentionally cursing them.

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