Josephine and Mirage is a crossover short film to be made by Iamnater1225.


When Mirage arrives to see Josephine, she became a godmother to her. Edward and Emily were pleased to have her taking care of her. Now, Mirage is taking care of her while Edward and Emily are on their date.

Mirage arrives

One day, Mirage arrived to take care of Josephine. Edward and Emily are going on a date for the night. Mirage is in charge of taking care of Josephine until they get back. Josephine begins to like Mirage because she's pretty, beautiful, caring and kind. Mirage gets ready by taking her coat and black heeled shoes off.

Playtime with Mirage

It was playtime, Mirage showed Josephine her favorite blocks. And every time Josephine cries after the blocks fell down, Mirage comforts her and gives her another toy to play with.

Feeding time/Josephine got muddy

It was feeding time, Mirage fed Josephine her favorite banana and peach. Josephine loved it very much. Outside, Josephine gone and played in the mud. Mirage have to get her out and get her cleaned up. Back inside, Josephine was covered in mud as Mirage take her upstairs to give her a bath.

Bath Time for Josephine/Diapering time for Josephine

Mirage started the warm water and use bubble soap. Josephine loved taking bubble baths a lot. Mirage scrubbed her good with baby shampoo. It was diapering time, Mirage placed Josephine into the changing table and changed her diaper.

Nap Time for Josephine/Edward and Emily returns

Then, Josephine was getting tired. Mirage started rocking her to sleep. Just then, Edward and Emily came home and saw Mirage rocking Josephine. Mirage became a godmother for doing a wonderful caring job.




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