Here is the Transcript for Josephine and Mirage.

One day, Edward and Emily were getting ready for their date.

Edward: I hope we'll have a babysitter to get here.

Emily: Or perhaps a nanny or godmother for our little Josephine.

Baby Josephine: (happy gurgling)

Just then, Mirage arrived.

Mirage: Hello, Edward. Hello, Emily. I hope I'm not late.

Edward: Not at all, Mirage.

As Mirage comes in, she saw Josephine.

Mirage: And this must be Josephine.

Baby Josephine: (giggles)

Mirage: Hello, Josephine. Hello.

Emily: She's starting to like you.

Edward. Are you going to be okay with Josephine while we're gone?

Baby Josephine: (hugging Mirage)

Mirage: You two go out on your date. I'll take care of everything.

Emily: You're a life saver, Mirage. (to Josephine) You be a good filly, Sweetheart. (kisses her baby)

Baby Josephine: (laughs)

And Edward and Emily left as Mirage took off her coat, her black heeled shoes and put them in the shoe cubby.

Mirage: Aren't just an adorable filly.

Baby Josephine: (giggles)

Mirage: Yes you are. Yes you are.

Mirage and Josephine started playing.

Later, Mirage started playing with Josephine by bringing out the blocks for her.

Mirage: Look, Josephine. (building with the blocks) You want to build it yourself?

Baby Josephine: (giggles and tries to build the block but knocked the all down)

Mirage: Oops.

Baby Josephine: (crying)

Mirage: Aw, Shh. It's okay. (gives her a toy duck) You want to play with this?

Baby Josephine: (cheers up and plays with the toy duck)

It's feeding time, Mirage brought out Josephine's favorite banana and peach.

Mirage: Open wide, Josephine.

Baby Josephine: (opens and eats)

Mirage: There we go.

Baby Josephine: (opens and eats)

Mirage: That's a good filly.

Baby Josephine: (opens and eats)

Mirage: That's it.

Baby Josephine: (opens and eats)

Mirage: That's a good filly.

Baby Josephine: (opens and eats)

Outside, Josephine got into the mud hole. Mirage had to come and get her.

Mirage: Josephine, How'd you get out here?

Baby Josephine: (playing in the mud)

Mirage: What am I going to do with you?

Baby Josephine: (laughs)

Mirage steps outside.

Mirage: Come on, Josephine. (gets her off the mud hole)

Baby Josephine: (giggles)

Mirage: We'd better get you cleaned up.

Back inside, Mirage wiped her shoes at the mat, put them in the cubby and had to get her cleaned up.

Mirage: You'll need a bath.

Baby Josephine: (laughs)

Mirage: Come on. (takes her upstairs)

It was bath time, As Mirage puts Josephine into the tub.

Mirage: In we go, Josephine. (Puts her into the tub)

Baby Josephine: (happy gurgling)

Mirage: (adds bubble soap)

Baby Josephine: (giggles)

Mirage: (puts baby shampoo on Josephine)

Baby Josephine: (splashing and playing)

Mirage: (laughs a bit)

Baby Josephine: (giggles)

It was diapering time, Mirage was getting ready to change Josephine.

Mirage: All right, Josephine. It's time to change you. (placed Josephine on a changing table)

Baby Josephine: (smiling at Mirage)

Mirage: (gives Josephine her rubber ducky) You want this duck?

Baby Josephine: (plays with her rubber ducky)

Mirage: (changing Josephine's diaper)

Baby Josephine: (laughs)

Mirage: All clean.

Baby Josephine: (hugging and kissed Mirage's cheek)

Mirage: (laughs a bit)

Baby Josephine: (happy gurgling)

Later, Mirage played with Josephine a bit longer.

Mirage: Aren't you just adorable?

Baby Josephine: (giggles)

Mirage: (laughs a bit) I thought so.

Baby Josephine: (yawns)

Mirage: Are getting sleepy?

Baby Josephine: (yawns)

Mirage rocked Josephine to sleep and put her into her crib. Just then, Edward and Emily returns.

Edward: We're back, Mirage!

Emily: How's Josephine doing?

Mirage: Shh, (whispers) She's asleep.

Edward: Aw, Look at her.

Mirage: I've put her to sleep just before you two got home.

Emily: Thanks for all your help, Mirage.

Mirage: Anytime.

So, Mirage became Josephine's godmother.

Baby Josephine: (sleeping)

                                                                                    The End

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