This is where our heroes ride the old rails out of the temple and then are chased by Evil Jimmy in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[we now see our heroes driving down the old rails going very slowly]

Pepper Clark: Hey, you mind slowing down? You're making me wanna let off a smell.

Spike: Are you kidding? We're moving a tortoise's pace.

Pepper Clark: A tortoise's pace is just fine with me.

Nyx: Chillax you 2, soon we'll have this crazy trip behind us.

[then they start going downhill]

Percy: Whoa!

[then down windy rails and up and down hills]

Pepper Clark: Whoa! Talk about a near death experience. I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel!

Pinkie: It is the light at the end of tunnel! We're gonna be okay! And the T-1000 still hasn't found us!

[they are now racing over a double decker bridge, but on the lower track a driller train and Dread Steam appear!]

Tigger: Then, who's that? A T-2000?

[then the Music Score: Thomas & Friends - Misty Island Rescue - "The chase" starts playing]

[the camera then zooms in on the driller train and in the cab is Evil Jimmy!]

Evil Jimmy: Now we'll get them captain!

Scorn: [shoveling coal] Very good on there sir!

[as the trains continue over the bridge, the driller train's width is causing the poorly built support beams to pop loose and the tracks to collapse]

Vinnie Terrio: Uh guys? The bridge is comin' apart!

Rabbit: FASTER!!

[the trains continue down the bridge, as then our heroes turn a corner while the driller train drives into a tunnel]

[our heroes then drive up and down some more hills]

[then there's a jump dead ahead]

Percy: [gasp] Hang on!

[they race towards it at a fast pace and make the jump!

[then then drive down a windy track and then get side-by-side with the driller train]

Brian: Well someone do something already?!

Sheen: [taking a look at the controls on the dash of the truck behind Percy] Let's see. That's the radio, that's the DVD player, this one's the AC. And this must be the speeder. [presses a blue button with a picture of a spring]

[then Skyla gets thrown off the train with an ejector seat]

Carl: Or maybe it's an ejector seat.


[she lands on the driller train]

Evil Jimmy: What was that? I think we were hit!

Skyla: [her crown is in front of her eyes] Hey? Where'd everybody go? I'm blind! We'll never get the Crystal of the Train-Primes to Thomas now!

Evil Jimmy: So that's what you're doing! The crystal! And that's where we'll get that planet harvester started! [cackles] So long, Sweetheart!

Skyla: [moves her crown, and is shocked to find she's on the driller train]

Evil Jimmy: Guys, there's a hostage up there we need to rid of.

Scron: What? We can't do that! The Geneva convention!

Evil Jimmy: I don't care of it's a Star Trek convention! Beam her out!

Skyla: HELP! HELP!

Yuna and Snowdrop: SKYLA!!

[the trains then race around a corner s as our heroes then go over the driller train]

Brian: Someone grab Skyla!

Pepper Clark: [dangles from Percy's cab steps] Jump!

Skyla: [jumps and grabs Pepper's paws]

Pepper Clark: [swings Skyla back into the truck]

Sheen: Sorry.

Skyla: It's okay, Sheen.

[Then a changeling crawls on and R2 is armed]

Rainbow: Hit him, R2!

R2: [shocks the changeling]

Rainbow: Watch out.

[R2 continues shocking the changeling. Till it gets dizzy]

C-3PO: R2! Hit his eye!

R2: [beeps and aims his left and and shocks it, and kills the changeling]

R2: [beeps in victory]

Rainbow: Yeah! You got him!

C-3PO: Great, R2.

[our heroes continue over the bridge just as the driller train gets along side of them again and the chase continues]

Dread Steam: You can't escape us!

Piglet: They're still on our tail!

Dread Steam: And still am!

Shining Armor: Keep going!


Percy: I'm giving it all I got! [increases speed]

Evil Jimmy: We're gonna lose this race to the saddle tank? I don't think so! Keep shoveling!

Scorn: Right! [is shoveling like crazy]

[as he shoveling, the pressure gauge starts to hit the yellow bit and then continues toward the red bit]

Changeling: Okay, maybe you should slow down.

Evil Jimmy: Never, we cannot let them escape our grasp!

[as the trains continue, Spongebob happens to look ahead and he sees something]

Spongebob: OH NO!! Tracks are intersecting, straight ahead!

Terminator: FASTER! NOW!!!

Percy: [increases speed and overtakes the driller train by just]

[the driller train is now behind Percy's train]

Evil Jimmy: We got you now, Doc! Now it's to stick to the doc and the others [cackles]

[Evil Jimmy then opens the regulator to full power and the drill starts grinding against the back of the brakevan]

Rabbit: AAAH!!!!


Brian: You gotta move faster guys! GO!!!

[but then the needle hits the blue bit with the skull and cross bones on the pressure gauge]

Scorn: Sir, there's too much pressure!

Evil Jimmy: Scorn, I know. The pressure of excitement is too much to bear!

Scorn: No! The pressure gauge! It's on the blue bit with the skull and cross...

[but before Scorn can finish his sentence, the driller train explodes!]

Vinnie Terrio: Ha. Jimmy's doppelganger just blew up!

Russel Furgenson: That was close.

Dread Steam: [on the hereos' track, hooks onto the brakevan to extreme speed]

Cadance: Whoa!

Dread Steam: [goes faster]

Percy: Whoa!

Twilight: [unhooks Dread Steam from the train]

Dread Steam: Huh? WAAAAAA!!!! [crashes] AAAAAHHH!!! [stops] Blast!

[the music then ends]

Percy: We lost him!

Brian: Oh, thank God.

Pepper Clark: Well guys, it's nothing but smooth sailing for here.

Blitzer: [sees something] Uh, our troubles aren't over yet!

Batman: What?

Blitzer: [points to something] Look!

Applejack: OH NO!! Wer' runnin' outta track!

[just a few yards ahead is an uncompleted bridge]

Spongebob: OH NO!!

[the trains brake hard but they aren't slowing down]

Emily: We aren't slowing down!

Jimmy: Oh no, we have too much momentum.

Sheen: Ah-ha! I don't get it.

Jimmy: Due to the speed and weight of the train, it's giving us the velocity to continue speeding and we can't stop quick enough!

Twi, Cadance, Skyla, Nyx, Brian, Pinkie, and Pepper: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terminator: Get down!

[Then they burst through the barrier and go flying as they speed of the unfinished rail]

Morley: I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, I can't.

[they all crash]

Carl: I'm okay, I broke the fall with my face.

Rachel: T, are you alright?

T.C.: Well, I would've been better if I had a shell.

Nyx: Guys, we need to keep going. At least Evil Jimmy and the Changlings don't know we have the Crystal of the Train-Primes.

Skyla: Um, actually that's not true. Back on the train, I get dazed and it sorta slipped out.

Twilight: It slipped out?!

Skyla: I know, I'm sorry Auntie Twilight. [brushes the ground with her hoof]

Shining Armor: We don't have time for this nonsense, we have to keep moving and get the crystal to Thomas before The Ultratron comes!

Brian: Thus: destroying the Planet Harvester!

[Then there was a loud bang]

Pooh: [comes out]

Tigger: Pooh Bear?

Pooh: Hi guys!

Everyone: [cackled as Pooh is alive and well]

Morley: I don't get it. You didn't get eaten.

Pooh: No, he helped me.

[Cruncher walks out]

Cruncher: Your friend told me of the Ultratron's return. Well, I might be able to help you with that.

Percy: So you must be the old warrior that guards this cave.

Cruncher: That's right, the reason why I put out that sigh and that lamp is because I'm afraid, and I don't want know one to steal the crystal. But now, since the Ultratron has return, I swear I will protect young Nyx Sparkle.

Nyx: Thanks. But what do you transform into?

[Soon Cruncher transforms into his Carnotaur form]

Cruncher: ROAR!!!!

Human Rarity: Oh, no.

Human Rainbow: I was expecting a giant train.


Yuna: That's no Cloggersaurus.

Zeñorita: Si. It's the old warrior Steamfire was talking about.

Percy: Very well. And we must work together to save Thomas!

Cruncher: [growls]

Percy: Now, let's go!

[they all start to continue on]

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