Here's how journey though the valleys go in Revenge of The Ultratron.

Morley: Hey Blitz, I'm now regretting about talking about the Cloggersaurus.

Blitzer: You think?

Tronie: You did scare the pink alicorn foal to death, you know.

Morley: Yes, but it was an accident. And I also keep forgetting that Skyla has a fear based personality.

Blitzer: And she's not brave like Yuna.

Morley: Don't say that in front of her.

Blitzer: Oh, sorry about that.

Percy: Can we try to concentrate on our task?

Tronie: Right, Luetinent.

[then a growling is heard]

Morley: What was that?


Blitzer: I don't know.

Tronie: I wonder if everyone else hears it too?

[in the first valley]

Daylight: Bro, do you think we'll meet back up with the others?

Mighty Joe: Yes.


Rachel: EEP! The Cloggersaurus!

Puffer: Oh, no! We're gonna die!

[Rachel and Puffer drive around in circles yelling]

Sabine Wren: Will somebody shut these 2 up?!

Mighty Joe: Guys, be quiet! [whistles]

[Rachel and Puffer stop in their tracks]

Mighty Joe: The world is at stake, and we won't able able to stop the Ultratron, if you 2 crazy steamers don't cut out the panic attacks!

Daylight: Joey's right, if we want to stop the Ultratron, we must bring back Thomas!

Rachel: Let's do it.

Jenny: And don't ya worry sis, I'm here for ya'.

Rachel: Thanks, sis'.

Hugs: To the temple!

Skunky: To the temple!

Puffer: [to Pete] I still wish I knew how I ended up with Stephen's funnel.

Pete: Yeah, I wonder if Stephen noticed.

[in the third valley]

J.J.: Must get to the temple.

Mako: Stephey, your funnel is gone!

Stephen: It is? [looks up] It is!

Henry: It must've fallen off when we sped into the valleys.

Stephen: What am I going to do without a funnel?

Mako: But didn't you go funneless when you were trapped in the mine? You lost your funnel when we were trapped in Jurassic Park.

Stephen: That's true.

Falcon: Look. [points to an old pipe on the ground]

J.J.: Hey! Well use that pipe for your funnel, it'll help control the smoke.

[They tie it onto Stephen]

Henry: Hey, you know that happened to Peter Sam once.

Rheneas: I remember, Sir Handel even sand a song about it.

Peter Sam: Yes, Rheneas. I remember too.

Sir Handel: I still know the lyrics. "Peter Sam's said again and again,'his new funnel will put ours to shame. He went into the tunnel: lost his old funnel. Now his famous new funnel's a drain!"

Peter Sam: Ahem!

Sir Handel: Oops, sorry. I couldn't resist.

Steamy: Well, he ain't the only one with a funnel story.

Applejack: Really now, how do ya' figure?

Steamy: Got one of mah' own. Back when we wer' buildin' the Transcontinental Railway. Mah' funnel hit a low hanging beam in a tunnel.

Apple Bloom: How long did it took ya' ta' git' out?

Steamy: Took 10 hours ta' free me, and to this day, the crack from that event is still in mah' funnel taday.

Applejack: [takes off her hat] Sorry ta' hear that.

Steamy: Thanks fer' that.

Puffy: Fer' now, let's just carry on.

Evan: Right.

[they continue down the valley]

[In the second valley]

Peter: I sure hope we can find that crystal. 

Quarmire: Not to mention there's a hybrid dinosaur looking for us. And a Trainbot warrior who guards the tomb of the Train-Primes.

Joe: And a T-1000 is trying to kill Nyx too.

Cleveland: And! Deceptitrains, Megatrain, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, their demon kids, and Jimmy's clone.

Morley: Yeah, we know. But the worst thing is that the true, real leader of the Deceptitrains is out there, looking for us!!

Blitzer: Yeah, and I'll tell you what, if we see the other villains, It'll be like the lion and the mouse.

Percy: You do realize that the mouse becomes friends with the lion after he pulls the nail out of his paw, right?

Blitzer: No he doesn't. He kills the mouse.

Percy: Who told you that, Blitzer?

Blitzer: My driver.

[Percy stops and thinks]

Percy: [moves forward] That actually explains a lot.

[they then reach the entrance of a tunnel]

Spike: Hey, this could lead to the Tomb of the Train-Primes!

Mr. Blik: Or a bottomless pit!

Sully: Let's check it out.

[they head inside the tunnel]

Percy: Some of you take that pathway over there. We'll catch up with you later on.

[Some of the group head to the pathway]

[in the first valley]

[the group in that valley are at the tunnel entrance too]

Twilight: Well, you think that this could lead to the tomb?

Hera Syndulla: Search Me.

Mighty Joe: Let's find out.

Daylight: Come on.

Rachel: [groans] Do we have to? I might get my paint dirty.

Jenny: Come on, sis'. Don't be like that.

Hugs: Yeah, what you little sis'. said.

[they head inside]

Spongebob: How about some of us take those pathways over there and see if we can't find anything?

Mike: Good idea?

Twilight: Let's go.

Cadance: Yes.

[they head on the pathway]

Daylight: Good luck, Sir.

Hiatt Grey: I'll meet up with you later. And Rachel, try to be more cooperative. And I also mean, "control you anger". Or else, it's eleven weeks at the Ironworks again.

Rachel: Yes sir.

Kevin (train): And good luck. [puffs on his own]

Mighty Joe: Kevin, aren't you coming with us?

Kevin (train): No, I'm gonna do my own path in this cave. Does that suit you?

Mighty Joe: Yeah, sure.

Kevin (train): Good. See ya. [puffs down a tunnel]

[in the third valley]

[the group in there start to approach the tunnel]

Henry: Look.

Tigger: How are we gonna go in there?

Pooh: By going.. in there.

Tigger: But it's dark.

Piglet: And f..f..f..frightful.

Rabbit: And we don't know what we'll find.


Eeyore: But we know what's gonna find us.


[they race inside the tunnel]

[inside they slowly move forward as some of the group take the other pathways]

Brian: Let's split up.

Pooh: Yeah.

[they each take a different pathway]

Skyla: [is hearing sounds] Huh? Is that you Mommy or you Daddy? [jumps at another sound] Auntie Twilight? [another sound is heard] (gulps)

Yuna: Skyla? [taps her shoulder]

Skyla: AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! [jumps up and gets stuck in the ceiling]

Yuna: Sorry, I didn't mean scare you.

Skyla: [muffled in the roof] It's fine. But can someone get me down?

Terminator: [grabs her tail and pulls her out]

Skyla: [hanging by her tail in the Terminator's grip] Thanks.

Terminator: No problemo.

Dile: You know Skyla, it's not easy being brave.

Skyla: How do you know?

Dile: You see, when I was a baby crocodile before I became a train

[Flashback plays as "Inner Sanctum (from Disney's Dinosaur)" plays]

Dile: [narrating] I had to learn a lot about surviving in a big world. My mother teaches me how to hunt and swim. Then as time went on, I left her a begun a new life. Then, I became really sick. Then the explorers found me, and they took me to there lab. They didn't had medicine for me, so they increase my size as a train, built me a train, and I became on.

[Flashback ends]

Skyla: Sounds like you had to deal with it.

Dile: Yes, I did. But I can still swim. There's a hook under me. That's why I'm attach to this.

Yuna: Does it hurt?

Dile: No, not really. I only use it when I wanna cool off in the water.

[Then it fades to some of the heroes]

Chip: This place gives me the creeps.

Joy: I heard that.

Chet: I gotta bad feeling about this place, guys.

Cardigan: Do you ever get the feeling we're being watch?

[Then we hear unusual noises]

Kagome: Anybody see anything?

Maxi: We need some light.

Tillie: I got it handled. [turns on her headlamp]

[Then they hear something]

Tillie: What the?

Kevin (train): [comes out] BOO!

[Some of our heroes were so scared they ran off while screaming]

Kevin (train): [laughing] Oh, man, that was rich! [chuckles. Then chuffs down the line]

[With the foals again]

Skyla: I hate the dark. It's so scary.

[Then a song begins to play]

Children [off screen]: Boo!
Morley: What's that moving in the corner?
Blitzer: What's that shadow on the wall?
Human Pinkie: Don't be afraid, don't be scared. It really is nothing at all
Skyla: But I saw something in the corner
Nyx: I saw that shadow on the wall.
Human Rarity: It's just your imagination
Human Fluttershy: It might just be the wise old owl. [whoo]
Rachel: Boo boo, choo choo. Don't be afraid of the dark. It's easily explained you see Why things go bump in the night - Boo!
Jenny: Boo boo, choo choo! Don't wander from your track. And don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be, Don't be afraid of the dark!
Zoe Trent: The little engine wondered. He thought and thought all night. Really nothing's changed, it's just the same just daylight turned to night.
Pete: But something moved in the corner! A shadow crossed the wall!
Everyone: He closed his eyes, counted ten.
Jenny: And remembered the wise old owl (whooo)
Human Pinkie: Boo, boo, choo choo! Don't be afraid of the dark
Human Rarity: When the lights go out and you have your doubts. Why things go bump in the night - Boo! Boo boo, choo choo, Don't wander from your mark And don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be, Don't be afraid of the dark

[Music plays]

Morley: That was weird.
Blitzer: What?
Morley: Those garden gnomes, they've came out of nowhere.
Everyone: So, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be, Don't be afraid of the dark!
Daylight: Boo boo, choo choo! Don't be afraid of the dark
Puffer: It's easily explained you see Why things go bump in the night - Boo!
Yuna: Boo boo, choo choo. Don't wander from your track; And don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be, Don't be afraid of the dark
Skyla: What's that moving in the corner?
Nyx: What's that shadow on the wall?
Snowdrop: Don't be afraid, don't be scared, It really is nothing at all.
Skyla: But I saw something in the corner! I saw that shadow on the wall!
Human Applejack: It's just your imagination.
Brian: Look! It's just the wise old owl (whoop)
Skarloey: Boo boo, choo choo. Don't be afraid of the dark
Rheneas: It's easily explained you see, Why things go bump in the night - Boo!
Duncan: Boo boo, choo choo
Peter Sam: Don't wander from your track
Everyone: And don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be, Don't be afraid of the dark, No, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be, Don't be afraid of the dark.
Children: [off screen] Boo!

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