This is how Yuna and her friends goes on a journey to Piston Peak National Park, arriving in the Air Attack Base and fire in the forest goes in Yuna's Fire and Rescue Adventure.

The next day.

Chug: The runway is all set.

Princess Yuna: We're all ready steady.

Princess Skyla: And the Mixels will use their Cubits and morph into their max and carry the rest.

Mayday: When you and your friends go to the Piston Peak Air Attack, you gonna ask Dusty and Blade.

Princess Yuna: (starts up the Full Moon Flight) Make sure the new Club will is built soon and the new gearbox will be arrived.

Mayday: You got it.

Princess Yuna: Wish us luck.

Princess Luna: And Yuna, be careful.

Princess Yuna: We will, Mama.

Mayday: Good luck, Yuna.

Princess Cadance: See you soon, Skyla, Love you.

Princess Skyla: Love you too, Mommy, Bye, Auntie Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Bye, Skyla.

Ishani: Good luck!

Skipper Riley: Safe Journey!

Human Rarity: Be careful!

Rarity: Ta ta!

Dottie: You can do it.

Chug: We're proud of you.

Sparky: Whoooo!!! Good luck!

Then, "Still I Fly" begins to play as Yuna and her friends goes on a journey to Piston Peak National Park.

Princess Yuna: (checks the Full Moon Flight's torque gauge with the needle is on green and the gearbox is still broken)

(The foals flew their planes across Ponyville, The Everfree Forest, Sugar Cube Corner, The Friendship Rainbow Kingdom and The Crystal Empire. Then, they flew past trees and valleys)


Muir: (whistles)

(The foals flies past "Welcome to Piston Peak National Park" and flew over the Grand Fusel Lodge)

Ol' Jammer: Welcome to .



Ol' Jammer:

(The foals travels across )

Thunder Spectrum:

(The foals made it to )

Princess Yuna: We're here.

(The foals lands their )

At the Piston Peak Air Attack.

Princess Yuna:

(The foals looked around as Patch cleaning up the windows, Windlifter lifting heavy things, Li'l Dipper humming while , Maru cleaning up his hangar and Cabbie was listening to a radio)

Drip: RIPPIN'!

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